Thursday, March 30, 2006

Midweek Munchies II

I'm an overachiever this week -- make this my SECOND Midweek Munchies post. I stopped at the co-op on my way home from work tonight!

one Amy's light sodium black bean and veggie enchilada things (I didn't want to have to think about supper tonight)

one quart of Silk unsweetened soymilk (never had unsweetened soymilk before . . . will I be disappointed?)

four organic bananas
two organic golden delicious apples
one organic Fuerte avocado
eleven organic button mushrooms
one organic green bell pepper
one pound bag of organic carrots

I rarely make trips to the grocery store mid-week, but I think I'm having a friend over for lunch tomorrow, (we both have the day off!) and I wanted to make Scrambled Tofu. I was planning on making scones to go with it, but I got a FREE loaf of wholegrain bread at work today (one of the parents knows someone who works at Breadsmith, and sometimes we get big bags full of whatever day-old bread they haven't been able to sell,) so, French Toast it is! Yum!


Eat Peace Please said...

About the soymilk, unsweetened... it really depends what you are going for. What do you *plan* on doing with it? It's good for cooking, I just like sweetened for sweets and cereals.

sarchan said...

<3 Scrambled Tofu. I hope you update on how the French toast turned out.

Catherine Weber said...

Leslie, I don't typically just sit down and drink a glass of soy milk. It usually goes over cereal (which is at least a little bit sweetened,) or into baked stuff. We'll see . . . !

Sarchan, I will update on the French Toast! I don't think I've ever made vegan french toast before. Have you?

Harmonia said...

Very nice indeed! I wish we had more organic produce available here!