Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Midweek Munchies

It's my first ever Midweek Munchies post! If you are a MM-er, welcome! If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's a group of women veggie bloggers who post weekly and share grocery lists, new ingredients, recipes, ideas, and other food-related stuff. (MM was started by Harmonia.)

Since I already lost my post once and it's getting good and late, I'll keep version two short and sweet. :)

I usually do my shopping on the weekends, and I won't be headed to the store any time soon, since I'm headed out of town next week for a little while. My list, right now anyhow, consists of mostly "boring" stuff (fruits, veggies, garlic, canned tomatoes, cooking spray, peppermint tea, tofu, soy delicious . . . .) However, two things popped out at me: one question, and one idea . . . .

THE QUESTION: I am in the market for a new women's formula multivitamin, since I am almost out of my Target-brand One-A-Day knockoffs. Does anyone have a great suggestion for a multi for a healthy female near vegan who gets a lot of her nutrients from her food already?

THE IDEA: One of the ingredients on my list is masa harina -- I made tortillas earlier this week, and ran out of corn flour! Here's a link to an easy recipe that produces really fabulous tortillas. (They are especially wonderful right out of the pan. Mmmm......) Give 'em a try -- they are a snap to make, and the dough feels really smooth, like playdough! Very therapeutic.

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1 comment:

Harmonia said...

WOW! Wonderful entry! I don't think veggies and garlic and the rest of the stuff you mentioned is boring! :)

What is masa harina?

I will check out that link...sounds neat!

Not sure about the multi vitamin but I am taking 400 mcgs of B-12 and will be kicking it up to at least 1,000mcgs.

Do you know of which vitamins you are specifically looking for? Mine was B12 like I said. I have been taking in at least a good sprinkle of Nutritional Yeast (almost) everyday's easier that I thought it would be with that.

I still goof on some snacks every once in a while but I will continue to try.

Oh! Sorry about the nickname thing I will change that shortly! I apoligize.