Saturday, March 04, 2006

this week's groceries

After my rant yesterday about people blogging about everything they've eaten that day, I wanted to clue you in to a new blogging trend I actually like -- people blogging their grocery lists/purchases. See, somehow, this is entirely different -- I see this as inspiration for myself and others. I like reading what other people have purchased to get information on ingredients and brands, and I enjoy sharing my purchases so other people can be like inspired.

So, I walked to the Wedge today, and this is what I bought:
1 3/4 pounds French green lentils
3 pounds whole wheat pastry flour
a couple tablespoons of white AP flour (for making a roux)
1 3/4 pounds natural granulated sugar
3/4 pound whole brown flaxseeds

1 package Putney Pasta brand butternut squash and Vermont maple syrup ravioli (they were on sale!!!)
10 ounce bag SnoPac organic mixed veg

organic blackstrap molasses
baking powder
two quart-boxes of WestSoy Lite Plain Soymilk (not my brand of choice, but I had a coupon)
EastWind crunchy natural peanut butter with salt
Green and Black's organic mint chocolate bar
Sungold Sunflower Butter

5 organic, fair trade bananas
1 organic, fair trade mango
1 bunch organic Italian parsley
about 5 organic button mushrooms (I know -- me, buy mushrooms? I don't really care for them, but sometimes I like them in stuff)
1 organic green bell pepper
2 smallish organic yams
a 4-pound bag of organic valencia oranges

1-quart container of plain Silk brand soy yogurt (I'm giving it a try)

With all of these yummy ingredients, I'm not sure what I'll end up cooking this week, but I know for sure I'm going to work on the Chickpea Pocket Pie recipe for my cookbook, and will also be baking an apple crisp for Thursday's late staff meeting at work.

Anybody else care to join in on this trend??


Anonymous said...

Could this soy milk coupon you speak of be from the lovely and awesome Blue Sky Guide? :)

Catherine Weber said...

but of course . . . !