Monday, November 15, 2010

Blogger Ethnic Market Tour Part 2: Dragon Star Oriental Foods


Stop #2 on our Blogger Ethnic Market Tour was . . .

Dragon Star Oriental Foods
633 Minnehaha Ave W
St. Paul, MN 55104

Now, I do frequent the Asian grocery store close to my house, but I had heard wonderful things about Dragon Star -- essentially, that it is "so much better" than my usual haunt. Well, truthfully, I can't see myself hauling ass to St. Paul once or twice a month just to pick up a few things, but I do agree -- Dragon Star is the best Asian market I have been to yet! The produce is all gorgeous, and they have a very wide selection of fruits and vegetables. The store is clean and extremely well-organized -- their layout "made sense" to my brain, unlike my usual store, in which I can't ever seem to find anything. They also seemed to have more brands to choose from, and finding little things like miso WITHOUT bonito made me happy!

My haul:

BACK: 6 boxes of ginger candy (hey . . . they're hard to find!), 3 packs of tofu, what I think are dried goji berries, dumpling wrappers, 3 kinds of curry paste, rice vinegar, inari, dried shiitake mushrooms, kimchi for Dan, miso, mochi variety pack, rice noodles
cilantro, dragonfruit, pomegranates, Asian pears, persimmons, lemongrass, green onions, and bean sprouts

I think we were starting to get hungry at this point in the afternoon, because Sarah broke open the package of mochi she bought as soon as we got out to the car:

It's mochi time! Yum!

Don't forget to check out Liz's blog to read her review of Dragon Star.

Check back tomorrow for Part 3 of our Blogger Ethnic Market Tour!


Shawn Powers said...

I had my first red bean mochi in a trip to Houston last year. Yum. :)

Anonymous said...

I got that same package of miso (without bonito) at the normal store. We will have to go together so I can show you. Not that you will need anymore any time soon... :-)