Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Very Vegan Thanksgiving Part 4: SWEET POTATOES


Sweet potato casserole is, in my opinion, tied with pie for the title of "most important part of Thanksgiving dinner." We had a running joke growing up that every year, Grandma would bemoan how this year's new recipe wasn't as good as last year's, or the year before's, and we all shut up, ate our sweet potatoes, and thought they always tasted exactly the same! Sweet, sugary, buttery, and delicious!

Nowadays, I still want my sweet potato casserole on the sweet side, but not cloyingly so, and there must be pecans involved in some form. Like Grandma, I tried a new recipe this year, but unlike her, was delighted with the results! Spiced Sweet Potato Casserole from Cooking Light was a winner, indeed!

I replaced the butter with Earth Balance, and substituted 1/4 cup of coconut milk whipped with a tablespoon of Ener-G for the eggs, and was totally happy with this casserole! I love the subtle hint of citrus from the orange juice concentrate, and dig the depth the warm spices bring. I will be eating huge bowls of this for breakfast this week, I think! P.S. I made the entire thing the day before our meal, parked it in the fridge, and baked it off right before dinner. I find getting as much of the prep done ahead of time for big meals is a lifesaver, don't you?

Does your family eat sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving? Weigh in -- nuts? Marshmallows? Sweet? Savory?


Travel safe tonight or tomorrow if you are travelling!

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Vic Robinson said...

Looks great! I really enjoy hearing everyone stories about their holidays. :)