Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Very Vegan Thanksgiving Part 5: Simple Steamed Green Beans


Let's start this one with an apology . . . I'm sorry to all you lovers of "green bean casserole" out there, but that's REALLY not my thing. I can't think of a single green vegetable that I don't prefer lightly steamed or sauteed, dressed simply with a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon juice. Besides, isn't there enough heavy, complicated food at Thanksgiving dinner already?

I read in a Moosewood cookbook somewhere the suggestion to salt veggies before steaming them, and weirdly, this works SO well! I don't exactly know why, but from now on, I'll add my pinch of salt to the veggies IN the steaming pot, instead of after they come out! I loved the fresh, crispy, GREEN-ness of these veggies -- a beautiful, healthy addition to our dinner! (I washed and prepped the beans the day before, and also toasted the almonds, so this was another dish I barely had to do anything to the day of!)

Do you like green bean casserole? Or do you prefer cooked greens of another sort? Or brussels sprouts? Do tell!

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MeloMeals said...

I absolutely love steamed veggies. That's why my mom always made.
I do like green bean casserole, but it always makes me feel gross.

I made a killer raw green bean casserole a while back for work.. that was super delicious.