Sunday, November 21, 2010

compelled to cook


We are having absolutely horrible weather in the Cities today, (there is a sheet of ice over absolutely everything! scary walking and driving,) so, even though I am planning a huge Thanksgiving feast for dinner tonight, I felt compelled to cook something wonderful for lunch. Really, I just needed an excuse to turn the oven on! (We don't seem to have heat today . . . damn radiators.) :(

Anyhow, I had ingredients on hand for scrambled tofu, but I made a complete change in my plans, used much of the same produce, and came out with an Indian feast instead!

I cheated in a big way, and dug into the frozen samosas, frozen naan, and jarred mint chutney I bought at Little India last weekend. I did manage to whip up some tomato, potato, and spinach dal, though! A simple pot of Basmati rice rounded out the meal.

Mmmmmmmmmm carbs!


Tonight's dinner post will feature my "Very Vegan Thanksgiving" menu, with posts following this week with a review of each recipe I chose. Stay tuned for some delicious eats!


Vic Robinson said...

Sometimes it is just that way. :) I still enjoy some frozen or otherwise packages products. At least you made that great looking dal!

MeloMeals said...

Yum! That looks so good. Sometimes, carby Indian Food is needed. I hope your heat works again very soon.

BTW, thanks for catching the typo in the recipe. I pretty much SUCK at writing recipes.. I try to get it all down, and even proofread it and can't believe all the stuff I miss.

I'm glad you liked the salsa!