Thursday, November 11, 2010

restaurant review: Everest on Grand


I typically schlepp myself to and from St. Paul on the bus 5 days a week, but Dan kindly picks me up from work usually about one night per week. On those nights when he picks me up, we often go out for dinner, usually somewhere in St. Paul, so we don't have to sit in rush hour traffic! Even though I had every intention to cook tonight, it just didn't happen. :)

When Dan picked me up, I was TOTALLY craving pizza . . . and then Dan suggested we go to Everest on Grand! Nepali and Tibetan food really isn't anything at all like pizza, but well, Everest has momos!

What are momos? They are delicious steamed dumplings, (the vegetarian ones are stuffed with spinach, cabbage, and other wonderful veggies,) served with the most amazingly spicy, curried dipping sauce. Oh momos, how I love thee! I didn't have my camera with me, so I wasn't able to catch a picture of the momos, but if you go to Everest's website, there is a nice picture right on the front page.

The other nice thing about Everest? They have an entire half-page of vegetarian curries, and ten of those curries are explicitly vegan! Even though matter paneer is my most favorite thing EVER, I ordered a vegan curry, in the spirit of Vegan MoFo!

Here are my leftovers:

I ordered "Ramtoria," which is fried okra with tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and herbs. I was delighted with this dish! I have weirdly been craving okra lately, and despite the "fried" descriptor, this curry was delicate, light, and not at all greasy. I'm so glad I tried something new -- I will definitely order this next time! I ordered my curry "medium" spicy, and my only regret was that I had chosen "medium-hot." But the okra was so delicious, I didn't even care! :)

If you live in the Twin Cities or plan to visit St. Paul, Everest is a must-go, in my opinion!


Check back tomorrow for my first in a two-part series of Vegan MoFo giveaways! Night night!

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Sindy said...

Good looking leftovers! Nice to go out once in a while. :)