Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Very Vegan Thanksgiving Part 8: PIE


I grew up in a household that made pies. From scratch. Often. I am a food snob, yes, but I am a pie snob in the WORST WAY. Truthfully, I won't eat pie if it's not homemade! I do occasionally buy a pre-made whole-wheat pie crust from the co-op, but really, I prefer to make my own, and fillings are ALWAYS homemade.

Pie is my favorite dessert, and pumpkin pie is one of my top choices. Sometimes I make pumpkin pie in July just because I can! :) And Tofu Pumpkin Pie is the bestest pumpkin pie EVER!

I don't know why I love tofu pumpkin pie more than traditional pumpkin pie . . . maybe since it is less rich, the pumpkin and spice flavors shine through better? Anyhow, I pretty much only make tofu pumpkin pies these days, to the great delight of my eaters! (Example? Dan HATES pumpkin pie. But he likes and eats tofu pumpkin pie! He can't figure out why, except that it tastes more "cinnamon-y.") I pretty much follow the VegWeb recipe I linked above, except that I just use pumpkin pie spice in place of all of the other spices. Nom nom nom nom nom!

One very important tip I offer: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE resist all urges to cut into the pie while it is still warm. If you disturb the pie before cooling, you will have pumpkin pie soup. Still tasty, but not what you're goin' for, eh?

Appropriately, my "Very Vegan Thanksgiving" ends with pie. Yummy, yummy pie.

Only two days of MoFo left!

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Crystal said...

You'd be proud of me - I made my own pie crust again :) It wasn't that bad this time...maybe I'm getting the hang of it.