Friday, November 12, 2010

win free Earth Balance soy milk!


Giveaways are fun! Here is my first in a series of two Vegan MoFo inspired giveaways.

Win a free carton of Earth Balance soy milk!

I am giving away two coupons for a free half-gallon of Earth Balance soy milk! The milks are vegan and organic, and come in original, vanilla, chocolate, and unsweetened varieties.

How to enter:
Leave one comment on this post, mentioning your favorite type/brand of milk or alternative milk. I will accept comments until midnight tonight, CST. will choose two winners at random tomorrow morning. Please make sure you leave your email address or blog URL in your comment, so I have a way of contacting you! Open only to those with a US mailing address.

Good luck! Free stuff is fun!


Shawn Powers said...

No need to enter me in the contest (no stores anywhere near me sell this stuff, I live in the boonies). Still, my favorite "milk" is Vanilla Silk. It tastes like cookie dough to me, and I almost feel guilty drinking it it's so tasty. :)

Vic Robinson said...

My favorite is almond breeze. I love it on my cereal! Yum! I have high hopes for this product though!

Unknown said...

My favorite type of nondairy milk to drink straight up (actually, the only kind i will drink straight up so far) is Pacific chocolate hazelnut milk. That stuff rocks! However, I haven't had a chance to try Earth Balance soymilk yet but I've heard great things about it!!

Ali said...

Hi Catherine,
I love Silk Vanilla in my coffee or with granola! But after reading about your homemade almond milk, I'm inspired to try that next!
Ali -

Anonymous said...

Free stuff IS fun :-) I love Almond Breeze for cooking and baking, but I don't drink any "milk" straight up.


Vegan Wheekers said...

I've been drinking Silk until their regular version was no longer organic. Then I switched to Whole Foods own brand. I've seen Earth Balance in their stores but haven't tried it yet!

GiGi said...

oooh I wanna play, Catherine. My favorite is vanilla rice dream.