Tuesday, March 14, 2006

news and such

No food in this post today . . . sorry, everyone!

I have to say, trudging around all day in a foot of snow is exhausting! (I can't imagine how I would have felt, had I been four years old!) Needless to say, we didn't last very long outside today, but boy was it FUN! Sledding, snowball fights, shoveling a huge pile of snow for climbing, and looking out into the woods at all of the frosted trees. Beautiful! (And so sunny, too!)

I have noticed, since I started my job almost two years ago, how connected I have become to the weather and the seasons. I have started to discern different "types" of winter, snow, rain, cold, sun, etc. I have also become more able to know when the seasons were going to change, (and when we have the last, mid-March snowstorm of the season,) and stuff. It's kind of cool, being that hooked up to nature. And the weirdest thing? I think I wore my winter jacket maybe four or five times all winter long. I'm all about the layers.

Next week is spring break, and I can't WAIT! It's going to be a nice balance of relaxing and hanging out with friends:

Saturday: I actually have to work, sort of. I volunteered to flip pancakes at the Member Pancake Breakfast, but not until 11:15, so I have plenty of time to sleep in.
Sunday: Nothing, other than church
Monday; visiting Chelsea and Olivia!
Tuesday: the big party day! (doctor appointment, dentist appointment, eye doctor appointment, and vet appointment.)
Wednesday: Nothing, other than church choir rehearsal
Thursday: drive to Milwaukee, and once I get there, have dinner with my parents
Friday: hang out with my Mom (I think we're going to the zoo,) and then have dinner with my friend and former coworker, Jess! I'm so excited -- I haven't seen her since Thanksgiving!
Saturday: drive to Chicago with my parents for my cousin's wedding, then back to Milwaukee, then get in my own car and drive home (this could prove to be a busy day . . . )
Sunday: Nothing, other than church.

Whew! That week is going to FLY. But I need a week of (mostly) fun! (Not that work isn't fun . . . I just want my own kinda fun, for a change. Four-year-old fun is great . . . but I'm not four years old!)

Well, the dinner dishes from last night are shouting at me, so I better get in the kitchen and wash 'em up. Later!


Harmonia said...

Hi there! It's Midweek Munchie Time! Let me know if you participate!


Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

Your Spring Break doesn't look like much of a break! LOL! You look BUSY! But it's your kind of busy & that's all that matters...ENJOY! :o)

Catherine Weber said...

Yeah, it will be busy. Unfortunately, we only get so much time off, and the rest of the staff in my classroom has been gone A LOT this year, and I just can't justify taking a morning or afternoon off just to go to the dentist. Hence, my vacations get crammed full of appointments and visiting friends who live far away. This summer though . . . one of my good friends and I are planning on an exciting vacation!