Monday, March 06, 2006

sweet & sour tofu

Tonight, I'm a bit of a cheater. I made myself some sweet and sour tofu (by marinading sliced, pressed tofu in a combination of a couple glugs of LeeAnn Chin sweet & sour sauce and a dash of soy sauce, then pan-frying,) some brown Basmati rice (that I cooked in veg. broth and a smidge of Earth Balance,) and pan-fried sliced onions, peppers, and mushrooms (gasp!), that I also added a little garlic and ginger to.

Although I used a prepared sauce, it still tasted pretty good!


jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

I'm here via Eat Peace Please, thought I'd say hi! - and I enjoy your site. I certainly admit, I do an easy marindated bbq tofu and grilled peppers dish once a month or so~ Consorzio organic spicy bbq sauce is too good to resist.

Catherine Weber said...

Thanks, Jess! I think as long as I don't rely too heavily on prepared/prepackaged stuff, I'm doing okay.

I'll have to check out that BBQ sauce -- and pick up another package of tofu!