Thursday, May 18, 2006

another question!

I started thinking of other "top 5" questions I could ask you all, and this one's too good to leave wait until next week!

What are the top five items on your "kitchen wish list?"

(Mine are modest because I have a small space, but feel free to dream big!)
1. Shun by Kershaw chef's knife, serrated knife, paring knife, and 4-inch (or so) slicer
2. All-Clad pots and pans: medium and small saucepots, tiny frying pan, 12-inch saute pan, large Dutch oven or soup pot
3. Food processor
4. rice cooker (I think I would like rice more if it was prepared properly -- I have a "bad rice gene," just like I have a "bad pancake gene" -- I can make good pancake batter, I'm just not very skilled at cooking them.)
5. vegan cookbooks! (I have none)

(I posted answers to my previous questions in the comment thread.)


Eat Peace Please said...

No vegan cookbooks?!? I don't know what I'd do with myself (wait for yours to come out?!?). I suggest checkin' out the library/bookstore and thumbing through some.

My wants are:
PRESSURE COOKER, rice cooker/crock pot, hand immersion blender, good knives, and a new oven!

Anonymous said...

I'm completely shocked that you have no vegan cookbooks! How can that be? I'm so in love with mine, I read them in bed.

Another great top 10 game! My list includes:
1-natural gas cooktop
2-really good quality chef's knife
4-bamboo steamer
5-nice serving dishes

Crystal said...

Geez, now you're getting me in dreamland mode!

1.) Large food processor (we have a small one that is cracked and doesn't really work that well)
2.) Immersion blender
3.) Santoku knife
4.) KitchenAid mixer
5.) A whole new stovetop/oven


Eat Peace Please said...

I read my cookbooks all the time. Outside, on the go with me, keep one in my bag, etc...

You must get a camera and a vegan cookbook!

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

first, add coffee pot to the top of my gadget top 5 list!


1. blender (for smoothies)
2. crock pot or dutch oven
3. new pots & pans
4. gas stove
5. bread machine

i read my cookbooks in bed too - i just got a new one! is your library open again, Catherine?

Megan, you want a mandolin?! the musical instrument? or what is it? :o)

Anonymous said...

hi vicki....a mandolin basically just a kitchen gadget used to slice veggies (or non-veggies I guess). I like them cause you can set it to slice things REALLY thin....I can never slice things thin enough with a regular knife!

Eat Peace Please said...

I have the musical kind of mandolin...
Now I'd like the other...

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

gotta get a mandolin! (food kind) make it #3 on my wants list. i just did a google & i've seen it before just didn't know what it was called. it looks super handy. thanks, megan.

do you play the mandolin (music kind), leslie?

this kinda reminds me of david letterman's top 10 list! super fun idea catherine - hope you don't mind this tangent. :o)

Flo @ Yielded Heart said...

My wants:

1. Vitamix blender
2. Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker
3. bigger food processor
4. new pots & pans,
5. would have to be a bigger kitchen-
otherwise, I won't have room for all these wants.

And if a bigger kitchen is too much to ask on this top 5, I'd say give me that mandolin gadget, too.

Eat Peace Please said...

Vicki, I don't *really* know how to play one. Ray got me a cheap-o one from eBay a while back and it's crap. I replaced the strings and have a few books to learn (he's a bass player so it helps a bit) but I'd ideally like one with F-holes. I love bluegrass and music with mandolin in it (David Grisman/Jerry Garcia). Oh, and I'd also *ideally* like a sitar one day. I would really like the kitchen kind though!

Anonymous said...

Top 5 wish list:

1. Immersion blender
2. Vegetable steamer (bamboo, electric...I don't care! I just really want one!)
3. Mandolin
4. Food processor
5. Kitchen Aid Mixer

A bigger kitchen would be my top wish too (my apt. kitchen is TINY!), but I figure these things are a bit more realistic...


Eat Peace Please said...

I think I'm on #8 now... 8=counter space!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

oh man I totally replied to this show.

I'm all about cutting boards. I had a whole list earlier..darn

Dori said...

I'm coming in late, but can I still play? Wish list...
1. Pampered chef paring knife with the sharpener in the lid
2. A panini grill
3. A vitmaxer

That's all I can think of that I really want... I could enter dreamland and say that I want a greenhouse style room attached to my kitchen so that I can turn it into an entertaining area and have wonderful large green plants growing in it.

#5 a serentity garden complete with a garden pong and a gazebo so that I can sip herbal tea while sitting with my DH watching the flowers grow.

Dori said...

oh man.... I see the word garden pong. I meant garden POND.

Catherine Weber said...

Dori, I always say, better late than never!

Would you have wildlife in your garden pong? :)

That room sounds dreamy! I'd love a greenhouse so I could have a warm, green space yearround in the land of 6 months of winter!