Friday, May 26, 2006

vroom vroom

I'm "leavin' on a jet plane" this afternoon to spend the weekend in glorious Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (I have a high school friend's wedding shower to attend Saturday, and am also planning on visiting my friends Jess and Dan who recently had baby Aramae, and my parents and I will spend "quality time" with the grandparents on Sunday!)

Wish me luck dining in the land of brats and cheese. :)

I feel like a lazy bum flying to Milwaukee, but it's only a little bit more expensive than driving my gas guzzler all the way there, and since my transmission has been acting up, it seems much safer to me, too! (No possibility of being stranded by the side of I-94 in The Middle of Nowhere, Wisconsin.) Plus, cutting the travel time down to an hour (from 5 1/2 hours,) is a treat! (Well, it's more like three hours once you consider arriving at the airport early, the flight itself, and picking up my giant green suitcase.)

Hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekends! Eat lots of yummy picnic food!


Harmonia said...

Have fun! Be safe!

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin.. ah. how i love my homestate. NOT.

Enjoy the cheese state. At least you'll be in Milwaukee. Since it's a bigger city you shouldn't have a problem enjoying yourself. Now if you were in Oshkosh [as i am], you would have a harder time finding anything to do.

Eat Peace Please said...

Go to and there's a restaurant (in the Dells) that has a complete vegan menu called "The Cheese Factory".

Also, here are a few other links for places you may be able to eat if you are dining out.

I hope this may help a bit and you are at least checking this from there, otherwise, nevermind and I hope you have a good mini-trip.

Flo @ Yielded Heart said...

Have a great weekend then, Catherine!

I finally have some photos of the recipe testing up on my blog.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Have a lovely trip! I've got one recipe down, and will be posting photo results soon~