Tuesday, May 02, 2006

hooray hooray hooray!

My work for work is done and edited. All I have to do is print, file, and stuff envelopes tomorrow.

AND, tomorrow is my last day teaching! Hooray, hooray, hooray!


Anonymous said...

Happy last day of teaching! :) I hope it goes smoothly without any drama.

Catherine Weber said...

Hello Michelle!!! Yes, my day went smoothly and without drama. I actually had help with that second part, which was a blessing! I'll tell you all about it on FRIDAY NIGHT! PSYCHO SUZI'S, HERE WE COME!

Mmm . . . I'm craving pizza already . . . !

Hey, I read your blog today, and if you ever want motivation to get up in the morning on your day off, we can always go out for breakfast! I don't have to work until 10 now . . . ! Whooooooooeeeeeee!