Monday, May 01, 2006

veggie culinary schools

Since I had a bit of down time this evening, I decided to do a short web search and find information on vegetarian culinary schools. There aren't many. I located one in New York, one in the UK, and one in Colorado. The one in the UK sounds like the best of the three -- it's called the "Cordon Vert." Cute. Emphasis on whole, organic ingredients and other fun stuff.

My dream would be to one day own my own catering company. Perhaps I don't need to go to culinary school to do that? I wonder if there is an all-vegetarian catering company locally that I could check out? Hmm. More research is necessary.

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Eat Peace Please said...

Hey, "Tofu" over at does vegan catering. He (and I think his wife) have a great website, I also have a link on my blog called "what the hell does a vegan eat anyway". Scroll down a few posts and they have just catered another party.

Great goals, I have similiar ones but I learned a lot about catering through text-books and only catered one event in my life (only for 10 people) and I didn't care for it. I also think that a vegetarian catering company would be a lot different anyway and there would be good people searching out for you and your services. If you are ever into partering up with a veg shop (treat shop, preferably, with live jazz) holler over here. In the meantime, good luck with finding schools, it's very hard (I searched and searched for a Master's in Holistic nutrition). Watch out for quackery!