Sunday, May 21, 2006

"plus one"

Ha! I just had the best evening last night, but I have a funny story to tell you about it!

I went to see my friend/former coworker Dan play drums last night -- he's a member of the (rather famous, especially if you listen to the Current!) local band called Cloud Cult (see the link over on the right . . . scroll down!) and I hadn't seen them play in ages! It was very fun -- saw Kid Dakota open, and then Cloud Cult always puts on a fun, trippy-dippy show. (Their painters were present this time, which was neat!) Dan was kind enough to put me on "the list," (I'd never been on "the list" before,) with a "plus one," because Michelle was going to come with me. Michelle wasn't feeling well yesterday, so I went to the show by myself. (This is an accomplishment -- I don't usually do that, but since the show was in Dinkytown, which is a very safe neighborhood near the U of M campus, I decided to suck it up. Glad that I did!) When I walked in the door, I handed the guy my ID and said, "I think I'm on the list." He found me and then said, "your plus one?" I said, "I have no plus one -- it's just me." He shot me a funny look; I said, "well, my plus one is sick." He said, "oh -- okay -- head on in."

Never thought I'd get crap from the door guy for NOT having a plus one! Sheesh.

The moral of the story? If I ever write a second cookbook, it might be titled, "Plus One: Healthy Cooking for Parties of Two."

Speaking of the cookbook, I'm going to work on it for a couple of hours now, and those that volunteered to test recipes, beware -- you may get an email today!

I have a choir concert tonight at the church -- we are performing the Minnesota premire of Karl Jenkins's "The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace." If you are in the area and bored, come on over to Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church for a FREE concert at 7:30 p.m! It should be a neat show -- organ, piano, brass, woodwinds, percussion, and lots of singing. :) It's a neat, somewhat unsettling, but ultimately hopeful piece . . . hope to see you there!


Harmonia said...

Good read! :)
2nd Cookbook? Neato!
Hope you had fun at the concert


I posted a recipe with pic today!

Harmonia said...

I responded to you comment on my blog.


Anonymous said...

too funny. you're third book could be for 'and baby makes 3'. You could basically write a line of cookbooks for all the major changes in a person's life.

Crystal said...

Too funny about the doorman giving you crap for lack of a "plus one". How should have told him that your "plus one" left you for someone else ;)

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

sounds like a fun evening & i think it's great that you took yourself out! i love seeing live acts & it's a special feeling to be on "the list". if i lived in your area, catherine, i'd be there rain or shine for the choir concert.

Flo @ Yielded Heart said...

Catherine, I would have liked to see the concert, but I was at the EarthSave Potluck with my oldest. (Plus, I didn't read your post on time, hehe.)

Btw, I got your recipe email already. I'll update you as soon as I can.

Catherine Weber said...

Hey Harmonia! I did have fun at the concert -- there are some, um, "surprising" percussion moments, (i.e., big crash of drums and cymbals out of nowhere,) that we knew were coming but the audience didn't . . . programs flying into the air! Hard not to laugh while singing about war at that particular moment.

Megan, I was actually thinking that! If this first book took off, I'd sort of cook my way through becoming a grown-up, and share my experiences and recipes with others. Who knows? (I suppose I'd actually have to become a grown-up in order for that to work . . . !!)

Crystal, yeah, I thought it was funny, too! I was surprised that he was weird -- it's not like I was trying to get an extra person in for free . . . I was just passing up a (second) free admission!

Vicki, I had so much fun, and as I've told all of my friends who've apologized for missing the show, I spent so much time talking to Dan that they would have been bored anyhow! Worked out for the best.

Hey Kai! What's the EarthSave potluck? Sounds cool. (HA! I just type-oed "cook" for "cool." Food on my brain, always!)