Friday, May 12, 2006


The family that I nanny for also employs a housekeeper, and her name is Diane. She's Parisienne, and very nice, and speaks with good, but not great, English. The other day, she was unloading the groceries and came upon a canteloupe. She was supposed to clean it/cut it up, and she didn't know how. I don't think they eat much melon in France, (I think they are native to the Americas,) and I asked her if she wanted to watch me do it so she could do it next time. She did, but made funny faces the whole time. I asked her what was the matter; she said, "I don't like fruit." I was confused -- she didn't like cutting up fruit? (I thought maybe we misunderstood each other -- language barrier and all.) She said, "no -- I don't like fruit. Raisins, maybe, sometimes a banana, but otherwise, no!" and made a grossed-out face.


Happy Friday! Don't forget to call your mommies on Sunday, if you celebrate Mother's Day!


Eat Peace Please said...

Happy Friday to you too, and I have never heard of anyone who doesn't like fruit.

My father, on the other hand, doesn't eat any veggie with color. He is even weirder! Of course, he will eat a meat sandwich on wheat bread but with only a sprig of lettuce (if even that) and no color at all.

I have a lot of blogging to catch up on but I do want to let you know that if you have sent me the email for testing recipes (yet), I don't have it anymore, as I've been deleting a lot of emails from "unknown". If you already sent it, will you send it to me again, and if you haven't yet, well, I'm looking forward to it!

Oh, and about the nanny and housekeeper, what do the parents do that they are so busy (or not?).

t. said...

They do have cantaloupe in Paris, even if locals are much more into local veggies (tomatoes, letture, haricot vert,carrots) beside for the beloved avocados. But they are weird in a million other ways!
My former french boss would claim to LOVE animals and indeed she let her dog (french poodle, of course) eat with her from the same plate AT THE SAME TIME. Yet, she would buy rubbit fur.

Catherine Weber said...

Leslie, I haven't emailed out any recipes yet -- in fact, I probably won't get to doing that until next month. The rest of my weekends this month are uber-busy.

The family that I nanny for is "old money" here in Minnesota -- I didn't realize this before I accepted the contract, but one of the moms works full time (and then some,) and the other mom works part time and is busy with many meetings, foundations, and other assorted responsibilities of the wealthy. (They also spend time at the gym and at the salon/spa. I guess when you have money coming out of your ears, you can do that!) It's a learning experience for me!

t, thanks for the info. I knew that there were some things that were different in Europe, but I guess you can get just about anything just about anywhere these days!

Catherine Weber said...

oh -- the other thing about the housekeeper -- they pretty much have to have one, because the house is over 7,000 square feet -- three full stories plus a finished basement. Six bathrooms, the largest kitchen I've ever seen, three-season screen porch, formal living and dining rooms, many, many bedrooms, etc. Keeping the house clean is a full-time job!

Eat Peace Please said...

Holy #%@*

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

WOWZA! wonder what their results would be if they took the earth day test?

Catherine Weber said...

Leslie, I know. The ONLY part I'm envious of is the kitchen. The house is just so big! My buns are getting a workout from all the stairs.

Vicki, my guess would be 10 Earths, at least! How are you doing on your resolution? I've been keeping track of how many loads I air dry versus machine dry, and am at about 50/50 right now -- I'd like to improve that. I also drive more than I'd like to, but it's sort of required for my job. I think I'm going to start leaving my car at their house during the week, and just drive to work on Monday morning, then home on Friday night (I'm so close, I feel so silly driving back and forth every day, plus it takes me an eternity to find a parking space!)