Tuesday, May 02, 2006

new shoes (again)!

Leslie asked to see my new Earth Vegans, so here they are! Head over to Zappos for more info (they are Earth Solar Vegans in black microfiber).
This is random, but I appreciate that Zappos has a specific "vegetarian shoes" link over on the right-hand side of their main webpage.


Eat Peace Please said...

Awesome shoes! I would get the same exact pair but in brown (my favorite color). These look awesome, something good with jeans or a bit dressier, huh? I have microfiber shoes and love them. I am going to investigate the site you recommend. Do the shoes run "true to size", whatever that means!? I think I like these now better than the first ones you had!

Eat Peace Please said...

Ok, I just looked at the site and I take back what I said about me getting the brown ones. Even thought I LOVE brown, your black ones are the super-cutest. Great choice, and thanks for showing me a shoe website I've never seen before.

Anonymous said...

way cool

Catherine Weber said...

Leslie, Zappos rocks! They have free shipping on everything, and it's a cinch to return stuff, too. This has been my first experience with them, and they may have scored a customer for life!

I'd say the Earth shoes run slightly small and slightly narrow. I wear a 7 1/2 or an 8, depending on the shoe. With these, I DEFINITELY needed the 8, and they are still slightly "pinchy" across my toes. (I assume the fabric will stretch with a little time, and they will be fine.) I think they carry this style in red, too, which would be fun! And yes, these shoes do "go both ways" -- jeans and skirts, here we come!

Eat Peace Please said...

Good to know about the sizing. I am small, but for some reason (with my feet also being small), I have wide feet. Let me know if they never stretch at all. Good to know about the return policy too.

Catherine Weber said...

So far, they seem to be stretching just fine. The first time I wore them around the house, I had slightly red "pressure marks" on the sides of my feet. The second time I wore them around the house, no red marks.

I'm starting by wearing them with very thin socks, and then working up to fatter socks as they stretch a little more.

Something else I did, Leslie, was find a retailer that carried them and tried on different styles and sizes before deciding on a style and size I liked best. (I would have purchased these directly from the store, but they only had the non-vegan version -- Earth does make some of those, too.)