Wednesday, May 24, 2006

a post just for Lauren

Here's a stinky update:

I like the Tom's deodorant! I'm not stinky, which is nice. Slightly damp, but odor-free. :) Not sure if this is the best thing or not, but it sure beats aluminum-based yukkiness that doesn't quite work anyway!

I have also been enjoying an aluminum-free deodorant by Adidas (Absorbent-Deo), but it's not perfect, either. Dove hasn't been working lately, and Certain-Dri has failed me horribly!

I have a buffet of underarm protection in my medicine cabinet right now.

I think I should go to bed -- Little Girl, Little Boy, and I spent the afternoon at the zoo, and I'm tired. Really tired. (The tigers were swimming when we were watching them, which was very sweet. This is not a "sad zoo," although we have one of those in MN, too.) So tired that posting about deodorant seems interesting to me right now! Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to check out Tom's deodorant. I am always on the lookout for good deodorant. I use Degree for Women, which works better than most deodorants do for me. I hate sweating like a guy. :P BTW, I found the deodorant posting interesting... I probably need to go to bed, too. :)

Harmonia said...

Great title for this post! It made me laugh.

Anyhow, thanks for the Ugli Fruit comments and questions...I answered your latest on my blog within comments.

I will be posting about my Quinoa attempt in a little bit.


Catherine Weber said...

Michelle, make sure you get the Tom's "long-lasting" deodorant. I put some on after I got out of the shower before choir rehearsal last night, and I still don't stink!

Harmonia, I'm glad you laughed! (I'd rather folks laugh than be disturbed. Well, maybe both happened?)

Eat Peace Please said...

I know this was for Lauren but it's crazy that we are in the same boat right now. I just bought a third type, which is just ok, but I didn't know all the natural deoderants are just deoderant not antiperspirant. I'm not wet and stinky either, I just like the protection and I don't need a cover-up smell. Let me know if you find the ultimate underarm power (without aluminum and animals)

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the Addidas deo. Is it aluminun free? I have tried so many aluminum free ones, and I just don't like any of them. In fact, the only kind of deo I like is Secret. I know it's horrible for me, but being dry and un-stinky always wins out over the aluminum factor. Later in life I'm going to regret that!

Catherine Weber said...

Megan, the Adidas Absorb-Deo worked for me for a long time -- the deodorant itself absorbs your sweat, rather than block your pores like aluminum ones, and has two decent scents. I could only find it at Walgreens in my area, though! (Shame on Target!) I've also used Certain-Dri in the past, which worked for a long time but scared me because it discolored the armpits of a couple of my shirts. (!!!) Lately, with the return of humid, hot weather, nothing has been working. I'm still a little sweaty with the Tom's, but I don't stink at all! With the other ones, I'm a little sweaty and a little stinky. Tom's and Adidas should hook up and create an ultimate-deo!

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

i went through a bunch of aluminun free deodorants...none really doing the trick, until art suggested i try his, & i like it the best. it's by desert essence, "dry by nature deodorant with camomile & calendula"