Saturday, May 27, 2006


Greetings from America's Dairyland!

I have been in Wisconsin less than two full days, and have had two servings of cheese already! Spanakopita for dinner last night and Brie at the wedding shower today. Both were tasty, but I have to tell you, I felt really icky last night after all that feta. I'm better now -- I had an easy breakfast and dinner today, (hooray for Amy's cheeseless pizza!) had a reasonably okay time at the wedding shower, (I hate wedding showers as a general rule, but there were no stupid games and it was good to see Anna!) had fun visiting Jess and Dan and baby Aramae, and am now considering having a small piece of the birthday carrot cake with cream cheese frosting my mom made for me.

My tummy may never recover! Just goes to show that my idea of eating very little dairy is a good one. :)


Eat Peace Please said...

I agree. It's been 7+ years for me and it was the last and hardest thing to give up for me. I used to miss it, even after a few years, tried some substitutes, but they are gross. Now I just have *new* tastebuds and don't crave cheese. Plus, it's better in so many ways.

Maybe you can veganize your mom's carrot cake recipe for your cookbook (hint).

Eat Peace Please said...

Ok, so I was just over at Kai's blog and that broccoli tofu recipe I just have to test out. May I be a critic? Or am I just being greedy and cannot wait for the book?!

Catherine Weber said...

Les, the stir fry is super-easy -- veggies, tofu, and hoisin sauce. No secret there! :)