Tuesday, April 11, 2006

i lied.

So, I'm at work eating lunch and I thought, "why don't I take a photo of my lunch today, upload it, and blog about it?" So, here you go. Here's my own version of laptop vegan lunchbox for today!

I have a killer veggie sandwich on the left -- wholegrain bread from Great Harvest, with guacamole and hummus, shredded carrot, red and green bell pepper slices, and fresh spinach. On the right, some organic black grapes (with seeds,) and some roasted, salted soy nuts. Yum!


Harmonia said...

Great new picture of yourself! Love the lunchbox photo as well! I will have to purchase one of those lunchboxes...I've been pondering it for a while now.

My MwM are up!

Catherine Weber said...

Harmonia: well, the picture is new to you, but actually kind of old. It used to be on my blog, but all of my friends kept saying, "that picture doesn't look like you at all!" (It's taken at a funny angle.) I have since chopped off my hair, too, so it's not the most accurate. Oh well. AND, I should post my MM -- I actually wrote up the whole post last weekend after I went to the store, and then saved it as a draft, since I knew how busy this week was going to be for me!

Cee: my sandwich was so great, I couldn't finish it! I'm all congested right now, though, so my appetite ain't what it should be. Thanks for stopping by!

Sarah: You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by, and I'll have to come see your blog again sometime soon.

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

Your lunch looks beautiful & I bet Schmoo would give it 10 fingers...all licked!!!

Shawn Powers said...

Sandwich sounds great! I always have a hard time finding a "spread" that tastes good and isn't bad for me.

Does the guacamole and hummus make the sandwich "wet" enough to make you wish you had 2 of them? :)

And roasted soy nuts... mmm... so tasty fresh out of the oven -- but so easy to overeat!

Catherine Weber said...

Hey Vicki, thanks for the lunch props. I do pride myself on packing fabulous lunches. Many of my coworkers always glance in my lunchbox, or ask me, "what's for lunch today?"

Hey Shawn, yeah, since I've switched over to a more healthful way of eating, it took me a long time to figure out sandwiches (you know, meat and cheese are big components of an omni sandwich!) I really like hummus and other bean spreads/dips on sandwiches, and guacamole (or just mashed avocado mixed with a little garlic salt) makes a great spread! Vegenaise is my favorite faux mayo, which works well, too. I've never been a huge sandwich eater, though, so I'm still not a pro at veggie sandwiches. (I usually can't finish a whole sandwich in one sitting.) Oh, and I'm lazy -- I buy my roasted soy nuts bulk from the co-op. Do you have a great recipe to share?

Shawn Powers said...

I have a real problem with salt, so I try to make my own soynuts. Just get the dried beans (in bulk, they're pretty cheap) and soak them overnight. Then, spray a cookie sheet with non-stick spray, and spread the soaked (but not cooked) beans over the whole thing. I add onion and garlic powder to them. I suppose some salt would work -- but I never add any.

Then, cook 'em at 400 degrees, stirring them every 15-20 minutes. When the are the crunchiness that you prefer, take 'em out.

Do eat some while they are still warm -- they're wonderful. :)

Oh, and chickpeas are great this way too. I usually use canned chickpeas. (If you used dried chickpeas, they must be cooked before baking, unlike the soynuts). I like to add spicy seasoning to the chickpeas, and bake them until crunchy.

Have fun! They are super easy to over-eat though, so be careful!

Catherine Weber said...

thanks, Shawn! Those sound super-easy and really tasty. I'll have to try that soon!