Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Midweek Munchies

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Midweek Munchies: What I am contributing for the week

No list this week, but two questions:
ONE: What brand/type of soy sausage do you prefer? (That is, if you eat soy sausage.) I've tried Boca (not my favorite) and the Whole Foods store brand (pretty good, but Whole Foods is a bit of a trek from my house,) but would appreciate other options. :) (I think sausage might be the only meat product I "miss." I do enjoy soy sausage, however!)
TWO: I'm thinking about buying beets as my "veggie of the week" this week. Anyone have any great beet recipes? I think I'd like to try roasting them.

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Harmonia said...

Believe it or not...I haven't eaten beets in years! I don't know why really just haven't. I will have to try to incorporate them more. I replied to your comments on my blog! I also found Kohlrabi last night...haven't tried it yet though.

As for the sausage...I haven't really found one that I like. I used to eat Morning Star Farms (when I was hard core lacto-ovo) but I am almost sure they have egg whites in them.

Eat Peace Please said...

Sausage and Fake Sausage = yuck for me. Sorry, no advice here.

As for beets, when I get home from work I may have a few recipes, but in the meantime, check www.fatfreevegan.com (susan's blog) and type beets and you will find a bunch of recipes. Or try vegweb for some. I have heard of mixing beets with grains and it makes them all pretty and red.

Flo @ Yielded Heart said...

The last time I had beets was raw and shredded in a salad. I think I got the idea from How It All Vegan.
I almost picked some up yesterday at Whole Foods.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Hmm if you can track them Soy Boy Okara burgers - those are my favorite burgers pretty much in existence.
I tried a vegan breakfast sausage recently at a restaurant and almost enjoyed it - I'll ask what brand next time I go : )
I recommend making tempeh/potato sausages if you are interested, they're pretty easy and very tasty..I have a recipe a bunch of posts back, I can find it if you like ~

As for beets, I have never cooked with them..wow..but I plan on cooking with them this summer from my csa share.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the morningstar farms patty-shaped sausage. Better than most piggy sausages IMO. :-) Roasted beets are very tasty.

Catherine Weber said...

Jess, I'd love that tempeh-potato sausage recipe, if you can find it! I really try to avoid processed foods if at all possible, but I love a little faux sausage now and then.

Thanks for the help with the beets! I'll have to investigate.

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

MorningStar for me (links & patties are good). Even back in the day I hated sausage...I love the soy though, especially with spaghetti.
Beets...I like to boil & basically eat like an apple -- find the gold, they taste better than the red & are less messy.