Tuesday, April 18, 2006


It's official! I have a new job! I collected my contract and other paperwork this evening, and will start nannying on May 4th.


I give notice at work tomorrow, and then the ball starts rolling in a new direction. I need to go shopping for heath insurance, and investigate whether I can (afford to?) continue to purchase my dental plan. I also need to start bringing things home from work in small trips -- gear, books, supplies, etc.

I'm very excited. :)


Eat Peace Please said...

Good for you. I'm excited for you. I am thinking about changing into a new work-direction as well.


Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

Congratulations on your career change! How old are the kids you'll be nannying? Will you blog about the meals you cook them?! :o)

Dori said...

Congrats on the new job. Thanks for stopping my my blog for a visit. That lunch looks good! They actually make vegan cupcakes with beet colored frosting at a bakery near you... wow.

Catherine Weber said...

Thanks, everyone!

Leslie, what direction are you headed, career-wise?

Vicki, the kids are two and nearly four. I don't know how much blogging I'll be doing about them, since they are an omni family. I need to talk to them about food, actually -- I probably should bring my own lunch and snacks and stuff. But if we do anything fun, I'll let you know!

Dori, yeah, I was surprised to see the all natural coloring myself, too! Well, that is French Meadow's whole "thing," come to think of it . . . they always have an amazing selection of desserts, and a pretty decent number of vegan choices among them!

Flo @ Yielded Heart said...

Congrats, Catherine!
Keep us posted:)

Eat Peace Please said...

Catherine, something in the vegan food business. I'd love to have my own snack shop or something like that maybe a small cafe with a stage for live jazz, but I'd like to keep it small. I also think about running a small treats business out of a rented kitchen or something like that. I don't know for sure, many things I dream of are me *running the show*.