Saturday, April 15, 2006

interview update, dinner, and more

I had an incredibly productive, incredibly busy day today! My feet are tired!

2:00 - I had an interview with a family for a nannying position. It went VERY well. I met with one of the moms, and she told me near the end of the interview that she'd like me to meet her partner and the kids, and then they were going to make me an offer. It sounds like a really excellent fit for all parties involved, and they are talking more money than I was asking for. Awesome! I'll keep you posted.

4:00 - I met Christine at her house and we walked to the Wedge to pick up a few things. Midweek Munchies to be posted this coming Wednesday!

5:00 - Christine and I headed over to Sawatdee for some incredible Thai food. I had a coconut peanut tofu curry (surrounded by steamed spinach,) over jasmine rice. It was heavenly -- rich, slightly sweet, with the slight bitterness of the spinach acting as a nice "foil." (Man, I hope I'm using that word properly.) Anyhow, the flavors complimented each other brilliantly. I have a full meal's worth of leftovers, and only spent $13.50.

After dinner, Christine and I walked back to her house to stash our leftovers in her fridge, then headed over to Calhoun Square to go to Kitchen Window. I learned they sharpen kitchen knives in store for $3.50 a blade while you wait, and it takes about 15 minutes. Project for next weekend! (My knives need help. I am currently able to bruise herbs, but not mince them.) We then went to Urban Traveller, where Christine found a new travel purse, and stopped at Cheapo, where Christine bought a bunch of smashin' 80s pop on vinyl. We stopped at French Meadow for dessert to go. I got a pink vegan cupcake. The frosting was colored with beet extract, of course. :) The cupcake was awesome -- huge and sticky, not-too-sweet frosting, nice and moist. (I could only eat half -- I'll enjoy the other half tomorrow!) Then Christine brought me and my groceries home. Whew!

I have to be at church at 8:15 tomorrow morning and sing two Easter Sunday services, so I better get to bed. Nighty-night!


Eat Peace Please said...

What a weekend! I am glad to hear about that job, and offering even more.

Your description of your shopping trip exhausted me (and I'm sitting, duh). Sounds fun and I'd like to have a beet-colored huge cupcake myself!

Catherine Weber said...

Yes, my feet were pretty sore when I got home last night. It may not have been clear in my post, but I walked to the interview, and walked everywhere afterwards, too. (Except Christine drove me home at the end of our adventures.) It never seems like that much walking while you're doing it . . . but afterwards, it always catches up with me!

I love walking, though. I'm excited about the possibility of selling my car, once I get settled in this new position. (Their house is a 25 minute walk from my house, but it would probably only be 20 minutes without all the stoplights!)

My plan is to use the money from selling my car and buy a bike that I can actually carry up two flights of stairs into my apartment. And a really sturdy lock, because I'm sure a bike like that will cost me a small fortune! But it will be well worth it.

A little known fact, but the Twin Cities has the highest ratio of bikes per person than any other city in the country, I believe. I think that's pretty amazing, given there could be snow on the ground 6 months out of the year here!

Eat Peace Please said...

Wow, I went to Minneapolis a few years ago in February. It may have been too cold for me to see so many bikes. I have a bike and I highly recommend getting a light one like you say. I have a beach cruiser that's rediculous and it weighs half of me and I used to live on a 3rd floor apartment and it was brutal. Maybe you can set up a pully-device! That's what I always wanted. Anyway, I find that Kryptonite or some spelling like that has good locks and lifetime replacement (not the bike though!).

Catherine Weber said...

Yeah, there aren't as many people out on their bikes in the winter, but I still see quite a few. I'm always so impressed!

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

I love my bicycle & my friend just long-term loaned me her 2 seat trailer so I can pull my girls behind. We have an extensive greenbelt system along the River.