Monday, April 24, 2006

perfect timing!

I received my power bill in the mail today, and there was an insert about signing up for "Windsource," which is a program that offers Xcel Energy's customers the opportunity to spend about 2 cents more per kilowatt-hour to support wind turbine energy generation. I have been meaning to investigate this program for ages; getting the insert in with my bill couldn't have been better timing! I signed up for 100% Windsource energy -- add a third Earth Day Resolution for me!

A direct quote from the pamphlet: "Signing up for 100% of your electricity from Windsource for a year saves about seven tons of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere. (Based on using 700 kWh/month.) Carbon dioxide is the principal greenhouse gas linked to global warming."

Now, I don't use nearly 700 kWh/month of electricity, since that is the average amount for a home, and I live in a small, 1-bedroom apartment. However, every little bit helps, right?

In unrelated news, my friend Chelsea is finally having her baby! (She is more than a week overdue.) Hooray for the Rustad family! I hope all goes well and I get a phone call soon, letting me know how it all turned out!! :)


Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

For sure, every little bit all adds up. We also have windsource - neat program, wonder if it's everywhere? Art is practicing his show, so I'll have some background music for the quiz.

Harmonia said...

I responded to your post in comments on my blog. Thanks for the tea comments. Congrats to your friend...I wish her well!