Wednesday, April 26, 2006

shoes, shoes, shoes.

I have to send my Earth shoes back. They ripped up the backs of my feet, and they pop off when I'm walking. Also, after more than a couple of hours of wearing them, my toes start to tingle (I guess they run a little small, at least for me.) I'm so sad! They are so cute and fabulous. Oh well. They are back to Zappos tomorrow.

However, I tried on more pairs of Earth shoes at Heavenly Soles today, and found a different style that I like MUCH better, that I will probably order soon. (This particular style has a padded area where the achillies-heel ripping occurred in the first pair, so I think that padding will prevent future owwies.) I also picked up a really cute pair of satiny mary-jane style shoes with a red flower print on them. Mighty cute. (And mighty cheap, too: $17!!!) If I had the camera, I'd show you! Michelle found shoes, too -- pink courduroy slip on sneaker type things.

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Unknown said...

Hey where are the shoes????show me???then only i can check whether there areTimberland shoesor not.....