Monday, April 17, 2006

poopy Monday

I had a real Monday today:

1. As I was getting ready to leave for work this morning, I watched (from afar) my cat pee on my backpack. (Yes, my brand-new backpack.) I didn't have time to deal with it before work, although I soaked it down with enzymatic cleaner, and left it to air-dry. When I got home from work, it still smelled like cat pee. It is now soaking in the bathtub, in warm water and a LOT of laundry detergent. Cross your fingers for me, please!

2. Not only was my assistant out today (his band is touring this week,) my coteacher called me early this morning to let me know she was sick. Sheesh. And we really couldn't find subs at all. This morning, it was me, a sub, and our intern, and this afternoon, it was me, our intern, and two parent volunteers.

3. I sat in traffic for an hour and a half tonight, trying to get to my second interview for this nannying position. The traffic totally burned me out, and I fear I wasn't at my best for the interview. (They did offer me the job, though, and we're meeting tomorrow to go over the contract and fill out paperwork!)

Anyhow, now I'm beat. I just finished eating dinner, and am off to prep the coffee for tomorrow, pack a lunch, hopefully scrub my backpack clean, and then get ready for bed. I would really like to get to bed on time tonight! We'll see.

I hope everyone else avoided the "poopy Monday" blues today!


Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

Congrats on your interview! And best of luck with your backpack. Tomorrow will be better...

Catherine Weber said...

Thanks! A sniff test this morning proved the soaking and second dose of enzymatic cleaner did the trick. Whew!