Monday, March 09, 2009

30 before 30 update

Since my birthday is a little over a month and a half away, (it will be my "golden birthday" -- I'll turn 30 on the 30th!), I thought it about time to review the "30 before 30" list I made shortly after my 29th birthday.

1. Sleep in a tent.
2. Put 200 miles on my bike.
Probably not going to happen. Why? Flat tires and no pump.
3. Leave the country at least once.
Also probably not going to happen. (Finances.)
4. Renew my teaching license (which has expired . . . oops!)
I hope! I'm waiting for certificates for inservice hours from my boss.
5. Make tamales from scratch.
Ah! Forgot about this one.
6. Learn how to play three chords on a guitar.
Hmm. I tried this one -- not so successful.
7. Go camping with Dan, my dad, and my uncle Stu.
I did camp with Dan, but my dad and uncle will have to wait.
8. Contact friends that I haven't heard from in a while.
9. Take a yoga class.
Maybe I should make this part of the Yoga Challenge?
10. Read 10 books.
Done, times two! (At least!)
11. Try 100 new recipes.
Done, times two, probably!
12. Walk around Lake of the Isles 25 times.
I lost count, but I bet I've accomplished this.
13. Learn how to steer a canoe.
Eh . . . not so much.
14. Find a consistent (monthly at least) volunteer opportunity.
Did I forget about church choir?
15. Go through my things, (clothes, kitchen stuff, books, etc.) and make a big donation of stuff I'm not using to the Goodwill.
Done, at least twice.
16. Frame the "lucky" $2 bill my great-grandmother gave me.
Probably not going to happen -- finances. Eh.
17. Go visit my brother and his wife in Idaho.
Again, finances.
18. Expand my charitable giving to include the Minnesota DNR, Theatre in the Round, and my church.
Well, I've started donating to my church . . . !
19. Replace at least 2 pieces of my cookware.
Damn finances!
20. Make yoga a habit (at least 4 times per week.)
So far so good.
21. Learn how to knit.
I don't think I'm motivated to work on this one right now.
22. Save at least $1000.
23. Open an IRA and start contributing to it monthly.
GRRRRRRR. I'll keep working on the debt, though!
24. Bake bread and make it a habit.
25. Make flossing a habit.
I forgot about this one as well . . . perhaps I'll add a "flossing report" to the FLOG?
26. Go vegan (at home) for one month.
Not going to happen right now.
27. Buy a bike that is the proper size for me.
Bikes cost money, don't they?
28. Buy a new bike helmet.
I need to go to Freewheel . . .
29. Learn how to drive stick shift.
Must make plans with Ann!
30. Take a beginning photography class.
Hm. Probably not, since I'm going to start working the second job again.

A pathetic showing? Maybe I'll accomplish half the things on my list before my birthday? Is 15 before 30 really that bad, in the end?


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

What a fun idea!! At least you're halfway through the list :-D

Anonymous said...

I'm so with you on the finances. But you should definitely take a yoga class as part of the challenge!