Thursday, March 26, 2009

end-of-month pinch

For those of you, like I, who are living on a very tight budget, we all know how much the "end-of-month pinch" stinks. The "I only have twenty bucks until next paycheck" feeling? Yeah. Well, this month 'round, I had thirty bucks, and I went grocery shopping:


locally-roasted, organic, fair-trade coffee

local pepper jack

organic bananas
organic Minneolas
organic yellow onion
organic green bell peppers
local hydroponic romaine
organic fuji apples
organic cherry tomatoes

organic flour tortillas

I didn't add up as I went along this time, and I ended up having to put a few Minneolas back in order to make the budget . . . but I did it. I spent $30.21, to be exact!

We have some super boring meals coming up this weekend: pasta and salad, bean/rice/cheese burritos, seitan and dumplings, our typical brunch, etc. Dan's planning on taking the two of us out on Friday night, which will be a nice respite from all the boring food!

What are some of your favorite "pinch" meals? 'Cause I'm starting to feel like I need a few new ideas. :)

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Anonymous said...

I'd say you got quite the haul for $30!

I love a big old pot of beans and greens when money is and comforting and healthy. Also, a bean or lentil based soup or stew is nice--both can make a LOT for relatively little money, and can be stretched out over the week :o)