Monday, March 30, 2009

Yoga Challenge (day 30)

I cannot believe there is only ONE day left of the 31-day yoga challenge! Wow. The other thing I can't believe? I only skipped ONE day the entire month! I'm excited to report my "stats" tomorrow, as well as reflect on the last month. Tonight, I decided to push myself (with the hopes of finishing with a "bang,") and did 45 minutes of "Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss." The thing I love most about this practice, (besides that it is incredibly challenging,) is that there is a "combined practice" option, where you can watch four women practicing at the same time, each doing a different level of modification. Perfect, if you ask me! Most poses I can do at an intermediate level, where some others I need to modify at a more beginner level. I appreciate the option to customize as my body needs today!

I have little piddly stuff to do around the apartment tonight, and I hope to investigate some of the yoga downloads still available at 50% off -- now that I'm feeling more confident in my yoga practicing, I think I'm ready to try an auditory-only practice!


Sharon said...

Great job with the yoga!

Anonymous said...

Way to go. I love the yoga downloads. Hope you do too!