Friday, March 06, 2009

Yoga Challenge (day 6), FLOG

I did 20 minutes of Yoga Journal's "Step-by-Step: Session 1" tonight. (Garnered through Netflix! Woo!) This series is designed to teach novices how to do some basic yoga poses correctly, which I thought could be interesting! I didn't watch any of the introductory material or medical information regarding the benefits of yoga, but I did enjoy the 20 minutes of sun salutations! What a work out, by the way -- lots of relatively fast-paced up and down off the floor. I'll definitely be trying this workout a couple more times before I return the DVD!


First Breakfast:
Peanut butter and apple butter pita. This was just okay -- my pita is getting a little bit stale.

Second Breakfast:
Consumed with the kids while they were eating "Kix."

Leftover pizza and a salad. I also had a butterscotch-flavored "Dum Dums" sucker.

Minneola and cookies. I also had a little popcorn with the kids while they were watching their Friday afternoon movie treat.

I made Melody's Comfort Soup, which I enjoyed and was a HUGE hit with Dan. Anything spicy and citrusy is a big winner with him -- I'm sure this soup will be a frequent request! Thanks for posting your recipe, Mel! Homemade rolls and more salad on the side.

Dan and I went to an art show opening tonight, which was at a really cool coffee shop in downtown Saint Paul. Dan bought me a HUGE iced molasses cookie, which I ate part of -- I convinced him to eat the rest. :) It was awesome! Soft and chewy molasses cookies are the BEST.

Until tomorrow!


Sharon said...

Absolutely love your tasty eats! Great job with the yoga!

veggievixen said...

mmm molasses cookies.

i love sun salutations! at first i dreaded them but they are definitely my favorite now :)

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Lovely eats!!

Lauren said...

Was the art opening at the Black Dog?

Catherine Weber said...

Lauren, yes, it was at the Black Dog! One of Dan's friends was exhibiting.