Thursday, April 27, 2006

cat litter rave!

Yes, I'm posting about cat litter.


Because I love the brand of cat litter I use, and want to share the love with all you cat lovers out there in Blogger-land.
I love Feline Pine Cat Litter. You can see their website for the full story, but these are the reasons why I love it:
1. It's cheap. (Under ten bucks for the giant bag, usually. I've found it consistently at Target.)
2. It's all-natural, compostable/mulchable, and completely biodegradeable.
3. You use less each time you fill the litterbox, so you end up using less litter over time (less money, and less packaging ends up in a landfill!)
4. THE LITTERBOX NEVER SMELLS. Well, I should rephrase -- the litterbox never smells like cat pee. The only smell it gives off is a slight "lumberyard" fragrance -- fresh cut wood. (Since the litter is made from pine sawdust, this makes perfect sense.) If you grew up with a handy dad like I did, "lumberyard" smell is kind of good --reminiscent of trips to the hardware store/lumberyard as a small child.

Check out Feline Pine for your kitty, if you haven't already!


Eat Peace Please said...

Thanks for posting about this. I am going to check Target for this, but first I am going to clean out the litter-box (thanks for the reminder).

I've been reading your posts but not commenting (I probably will) but about the shoes:
Birkenstock is expensive, but cheaper online. I can give you directions to links if you're interested. I have had hurt feet for too long until I got some Birks and I even have cute walking shoes and sandals. Just a suggestion and I have the microfiber not suede or leather. Birki is an all-vegan Birkenstock-owned brand too.

I should quit stalling on the litter-box thing...

Eat Peace Please said...

Oh, there's probably no dust in Feline Pine huh? That's one of my big issues over here.

Ok, I'm going to clean right now (for real).

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

you make me wish i still had our kitties!

Dori said...

Sounds great... our cat has been missing for three days. :( we hope he comes back. ALso, on a happier note. I will be posting the tomato soup recipe this week sometime. I will come back to let you know when I get it up (making it tommorrow).

Catherine Weber said...

Man, I never thought a post about cat litter would bring four comments! Cool. (Is that cool? I hope so!)

Leslie, I feel your pain -- I have the unfortunate "out of sight, out of mind" problem when it comes to the litterbox, until suddenly . . . whoa, nellie! I have found there is a little dust associated with the Feline Pine, but not nearly as much as other brands. (And usually only when I've let the litterbox go too long!)

Vicki, when did you have kitties? Why did they have to go?

Dori, I posted on your blog, too, but I hope your kitty comes back soon! Oliver and I will be sending "go home" vibes his way! Thanks in advance for the tomato soup recipe, too!

Catherine Weber said...

Oh, and Leslie, about the shoes -- I ended up with a different pair of Earth Vegans, a pair of Crocs, and a pair of Simples hemp flip-flops with rockin' looking arch supports. (I saw the Birkis, but they weren't quite "me." I did have a pair of Birkenstocks in high school, and remember them being verrrrry comfortable.) Hooray for shoes! (I'm really not normally this shoe-obsessed.)

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Oooo we used to use that one but my former stray cat insists on World's Best - spoiled kitty.

Eat Peace Please said...

Birki's are *so* not me too. It was a (vegan) suggestion. I will look into Simples as I had a pair of those in high school (sneakers) and liked them. I like EcoDragon a lot too but not practical for walking a lot. I actually wear my Birkenstock Arizona Sandals and forget that I'm not barefoot. I love them.

About the litter, perfect timing because after I was stalling around on your blog I changed Killian's and it is all gone now. I can't wait to try a new kind and I hope he isn't "spoiled" and wants what he's always had, crappy Scoop Away. I've never liked it but just dealt with it.

Plus, I keep his litter box in our bathtub-bathroom and we shower in the regular-shower-bathroom. We use both bathrooms as toilets, we just happen to share one with Killian too! I like the box in the bathtub because I just shut the curtain and his fat-self just pushes it open a bit for him to get in. It literally is out of site. Sorry this is long...

Anonymous said...

Is Feline Pine the stuff that is advertised on TV as being the only kitty litter that the decendants of Ernest Hemingway use for their cats?

Yay for more new shoes! :) What color Earth shoes did you get?

I wore my pink shoes today...very comfy.

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

Vicki, when did you have kitties? Why did they have to go?

We got our first cat (Jazzmyne) in 1993, and she died of old age before we moved here, and we got our second cat (Jer-Z) not long after Jazzmyne. We adopted him out after Abi was born cuz he just wasn't gettin' the love he deserved + a little boy really wanted him. It was sad for us but the right thing to do.

I was reminded of Jazzmyne tonight (I blogged why), and so it seems fitting that I'd be back here at the kitty post.

Harmonia said...

I tried that with my cat a few years back but haven't been able to find it since!

I posted another MwM

Anonymous said...

Never even heard of this stuff. Now I'll keep my eyes open!

heather said...

just stumbled randomly here and had to leave a comment about this litter:

IT. IS. AWFUL. !!!!

either that or just my roommate is awful, but that's the stuff she uses for her cat (i have one, she has one), and the stench emitted from that box is god awful. you can smell it when you walk in the door of the apartment.

but then maybe she just sucks at keeping it clean, but it seems to stink immediately upon her changing it anyway.

just thought i'd share my experience :) no offense intended :)

Catherine Weber said...

Heather, maybe it's your roommate's lack of cleaning, because I live in a teeny apartment and I can't smell the litterbox at all! I've tried a million different kinds of litter, too, all of which I could smell, save for this brand. Mystery.