Tuesday, April 25, 2006

i wanna go home!

I'm stranded. (Fortunately, I'm stranded at a friend's house who has wi-fi, and I have the work computer with me.) Half of the streets in my neighborhood are closed right now, because of some pre-race for the Twin Cities Marathon, and the other half are full of cars. THERE IS NOWHERE TO PARK. Thankfully, Ann and Michelle were kind enough to let me crash here until the hubub dies down. Michelle is going to drive me home later, when she returns from her haircut, and I will pick up my car tomorrow afternoon after we go shoe shopping. (I'm off work the next three days to write developmental summaries, so my coteacher doesn't have to do ALL of them herself before the end of the school year. But there's still some time to "play!")


Michelle and I went to the Holy Land Deli for dinner and gorged ourselves on delish middle eastern food. I have raved about their spanakopita before, and I will rave about it again. And saffron-infused rice. And pita bread! And a yummy salad, to boot.

And I recalculated my ecological footprint without the car, and it's still pretty high -- I think because I live alone, even though I live in a tiny apartment. But I'm down to 3.4 Earths, with the changes I'll make this year!

Thanks to everyone for humoring me on this one! And thanks, Vicki, for making a resolution with me!


Anonymous said...

Wow...it doesn't get much cooler than this...not only can I talk to you, I can leave comments at the same time. I heart technology. And mustaches. Chop chop.

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

Hey Catherine! Thanks so much for the idea & invitation to make an Earth Day resolution -- it'll be fun checking on eachother. Air drying laundy sounds like a toughie to me! I'll be interested in how that goes for you, & check on me too! I'll be composting after the garden is complete...

Flo @ Yielded Heart said...

I got the whole wheat kind of pita pockets at Holy Land last week. I can't believe how much cheaper they are at their store than at other stores, though I only go when we're in the area. (which is hardly ever!)
I guess we need to try the food next time.

Catherine Weber said...

Kai, you do need to try their food! Their spanakopita is awesome, their hummus is awesome, their saffron rice is awesome . . . yum! Their prices are also awesome. Huge portions, though, so beware -- split, or bring leftovers home!