Thursday, April 13, 2006

lazy lunch

I have to say, having an hour break for lunch is mighty nice. We are in the middle of parent-teacher conferences, and scheduled ourselves hour-long lunch breaks yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I enjoy not having to wolf my food down and try to get the room prepped for the afternoon at the same time!

There are a lot of stressful things about this job that I will not miss when I move on to whatever comes next. (I have another interview this weekend, by the way -- we'll see how it goes!) I'm looking forward to something different -- lower stress, more pay, more respect.

I'm off to make a cup of tea with my remaining ten minutes before our next conference! Woo-eee!


Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

Parent/Teacher conferences are so much work! I always thought dealing with kids' parents was the toughest part about teaching. You deserve an hour lunch everyday! Any chance we can peek inside your lunch box again this week?!

For what type of of work are you interviewing? GOOD LUCK!! :o)

Catherine Weber said...

Well, I had Jimmy John's for lunch today, and am going to polish off a few odds and ends/leftovers I have hanging out in our fridge at work tomorrow, so the lunchbox chronicles may have to wait until next week.

Conferences really haven't been stressful -- we generally have lovely families who are so enthusiastic about their child's preschool experience. Preparing for them is a LOT of work.

I am applying for a few teaching jobs, nannying positions, and a few administrative positions with organizations that serve children and their families. We'll see what turns up!

Guinnah said...

Hey Catherine - I saw your comment on Kaivegan's blog about mushrooms. I just blogged tonight about portabellas (french dip sandwiches) if you are interested.

One of my best friends is a teacher - those conferences are so much work. But your profession makes such a difference :-) My kids are both teens now but I remember every one of their preschool teachers!