Saturday, April 22, 2006

A weekend of photos, part II . . .

(Vegan) Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies

And a (slightly blurry) close-up . . .

And this is one more thing that I have been meaning to post about, but haven't gotten around to until today. A while ago, Shawn asked a bunch of us Midweek Munchies folks for tips on meal planning. While I don't strictly meal plan, I usually have at least one or two new recipes I want to try each week, plus a ton of staples on hand for making all sorts of my favorite things. I keep track of what I need with an easy, foolproof grocery list idea that I stole from a former babysitting client, have tweaked the system to fit my needs, and it has cut tons of time off of my grocery shopping and list making each week. Here's how I do it:
I have a document on my computer called "wedge grocery list" that is a three-column list of pretty much everything I might buy from the co-op, organized by area/aisle of the store.
(I'm sorry this is sideways . . . I rotated it before I uploaded it . . . who knows??)
I print out a copy of this list after each time I go to the store, and stick it up on the fridge. As I run out of things over the course of the week, or if I think of something in particular I'd really like to have on hand, I circle the item on the list. (I have write-in sections in most of the columns for items that aren't frequently purchased, but still need to go on the list.) Then, when I'm ready to head to the store, I grab the list, look it over and glance through my cupboards to see if I've missed anything, circle/add any remaining ingredients I might need for special recipes, and I'm ready to shop! Having the list organized by aisle means I never have to backtrack because I've forgotten something, and really streamlines my shopping.

Hope this idea helps, Shawn, and anyone else who cares to pirate it!


Eat Peace Please said...

I do the EXACT same thing.

It makes the store-trip better and hard to forget anything.

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

It's me, Vicki (You may not recognize me cuz of the bandana, hook arm, & eye patch) What I'm trying to say is I'm here to pirate your shopping system. Brilliant idea! Cookies look awesome also - too bad I haven't really acquired a taste for walnuts since we have 2 trees.

Catherine Weber said...

Vicki, I'm laughing out loud! Pirate away -- and I always save my leftover grocery lists for scrap paper, in order to use both sides. :) And sometimes I put pecans in the cookies, which is divine, but walnuts are much cheaper, so they usually end up in cookies. :) Just 'cause the nuts are backup singers in cookies -- I save expensive nuts for rockstar moments. :)

Leslie, great minds think alike!! (And great kitties look alike? I read your earlier comment!) Have you ever seen anyone looking over your shoulder at your list while shopping? It's happened to me a few times. I can never tell if they think I'm crazy, or brilliant! (I prefer the second option.)

Anonymous said...

Catherine -

Wow - came across your blog through Shawn's and was excited that you live in Mpls. I'm in Apple Valley - woo hoo! Starting my food blog after my crazy April schedule clears up (just another week!)

Anyway - I actually gasped when I saw your list because my boyfriend and I do the same thing! Ours is a bit more detailed (my boyfriend is crazy organized) and it works so well! I'm glad to see other organized folks out there. People at work gave me so much crap for my grocery list. Take care,


Anonymous said...

Catherine, another genius idea! I haven't done a good job of keeping my cupboards stocked with simple things for easy meals ... but I think keeping a list like yours handy will help me remember to pick up things as I run out.

Catherine Weber said...

Hey Crystal! Thanks for popping by. Always great to "bump into" a fellow Twin Citizen on the web. Leave me a link to your blog, once you start it up!

Hello Lauren! (MY lauren? LEO?) If it's you, I emailed you back! Regardless, this really is an idiot-proof grocery shopping system. I used to have the list organized a little differently, and now that I've set it up based on the aisles of the grocery store, I wouldn't shop any other way! :)

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

the cat the list..great stuff!

Dori said...

Love the cookies. The speckled appearance (soy grits or cornmeal?) of them reminds me of a cookie I once made from a Marie Oser (veg TV) recipe.

I shop with a list, but not quite as organized, just a pad on the frig that I expect everyone to write down what they need from my future trips.

Catherine Weber said...

Hey Dori! My reply to your comment is belated in coming, but the speckles might be from the whole wheat pastry flour, from the silken tofu I used as an egg replacement, or teeny bits of walnuts (there was some "nut dust" at the bottom of the sack of nuts that I just dumped in, after I crushed the rest of the walnuts lightly with my fingers.)
What's veg TV?