Sunday, April 23, 2006

A weekend of photos, part III . . .

BEWARE: This post contains a considerable number of G.C.P.s (Gratuitous Cat Photos)
(Hey . . . Leslie started it!)

I think my cat has really unusual markings. I joke that he's monogrammed, since he has a big swirl on both sides that looks like the letter "O," and where most tabbys have an "M" marking over their eyes, Oliver has a "W!"

"Leave me alone. I'm sleeping."

"What part of 'sleeping' was unclear to you? Hmm?"

And, I have no pictures of my afternoon with the neighbors who I used to babysit for. I didn't even bring the camera with me, because I knew I probably wouldn't take any pictures. Why? When hanging out/travelling/having fun with people, I'm usually so busy having fun, I forget to take pictures. BUT, the whole Behlmer family met me after church, and had glowing compliments about the choir. Wee! (We are pretty good, if I do say so myself.) Then, we actually split up -- the boys and Rob wanted to head back to the Mall of America, (ugh!) and Lisa wasn't interested, so she and I hung out. We walked around downtown, walked along the river for a while, (yes, the Mississippi River,) and had lunch outside at Brit's. I had the "Portobello Road" sandwich, which is a big hunk o' mushroom, marinaded and grilled, on focaccia with roasted red pepper aoli, spinach, and sharp cheddar cheese. (Yes, today, I was a L/O veg. Usually only when I dine out!) Killer fries on the side. (Crispy on the outside, superfluffy on the inside.) I also had a half-pint of hard cider. Yum! (A half-pint is just the right size for me. I'm a lightweight.) Then, we wandered around the sculpture gardens before it was time to meet back up with the guys, and for them all to head home. It was a great afternoon! The weather was sunny and gorgeous the whole time, and it's a good thing I remembered to put on sunblock this morning!


Shawn Powers said...

Oliver looks like he has personality. :o) Very cute, and looks like he likes to sleep. (Unlike my cat, which is up and raring to go at 5AM... but then she sleeps all afternoon.)

Catherine Weber said...

"Personality" . . . what a nice way to think of it. His nickname is "rat bastard" by the way. He can be a sweet kitty, but he definitely has more than his share of 'tude.

Your kitty must be ecstatic, now that you are getting up at 5 am with her!