Friday, April 28, 2006

yes, I still cook.

Enough about cats, shoes, Earth Day, and randomness!

Back to the food!

First, I made Kai's recipe for fried rice for dinner last night. It was fantastic! I used some leftover brown and wild rice, and used white onion, peeled & cubed sweet potato, green peas, and mushrooms for the veggies. Between the wild rice and sweet potato, it could be called a stab at fusion cooking. Regardless, it was great! What an easy recipe, and a simple way to use up leftover, cooked rice. Thanks, Kai!

Next, Lauren and I went out for brunch/lunch today to French Meadow. (Have I mentioned I'm off the latter part of this week to write developmental summaries on the kids?) I was impressed -- they had three completely vegan breakfast entrees on their menu, (pancakes, a tofu scramble, and loaded hashbrowns,) and I didn't even look at their soups, wraps, or other choices! Lauren and I split two brunch things: vegan cornmeal-blueberry pancakes, and their cajun hashbrowns with garlic, onion, peppers, and vegan sausage. (We did also get cheese on the hashbrowns -- Lauren really wanted it, and I wasn't opposed to it!) We also split a Naked juice -- the berry blast/burst one, I think. Everything was fantastic! Hooray for French Meadow!

Last, Lauren and I stopped at the co-op and I bought granola (bulk French Vanilla Almond) and toilet paper (Seventh Generation.) It was a random trip -- Lauren mostly wanted to just look around, and I did need the TP! I think that makes trip #4 for me this week! (Mostly accompanying others . . . goodness gracious!)

And now, back to the randomness:
1. If you visit my blog and comment and I don't have you linked over on the right, (sometimes, if I use pictures that are too big, my links get pushed way to the bottom -- scroll down,) let me know -- I think I got everyone, but I might have missed one or two of you!
2. Earth Day Resolution Update: I air-dried two loads of laundry yesterday (pants and shirts.) Three loads (towels, sheets, and undies/socks/PJs) hit the dryer.
3. I have put "digital camera" on my list of things to buy, so, hopefully I'll be able to add pictures here again soon!


Dreena said...

Hi Catherine! I just had to comment about that litter (sorry, I know you're past the cat litter post now)! I sent this link to my hubby at work telling him "we need to find this litter"! Even though I don't change the litter (hubby does that - yay for me!), I still hate the dusty-ness of cat litter, and smell, and how heavy and messy and dirty it is. This sounds like a great alternative, so thanks for the info, I just hope we can find it here! I'll let you get back to food now! :)

Catherine Weber said...

Dreena, that's great! Good luck finding the litter. Do they have info on their website about where you can purchase it? I'm happy to keep talking about other stuff -- I just felt like I had been neglecting the "food" part of my blog, which left me with nothing but "snob!" Ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

hurry for air dried laundry! I'm a big it ALL the time. We don't have enough selection of drying racks in North America. In Europe (as far as I've seen) most people don't even own dryers, so they have really creative drying rack systems for small, ones that can be pulled down from above the shower *which also steams them and helps the wrinkles fall out!.

Catherine Weber said...

Hey Megan -- yeah, we definitely need better air-drying options on this side of "the pond." I currently have two pressure-type shower rods up in the doorways to my bedroom and bathroom, and use a lot of hangers, plus the actual shower rod, too. I can get about 2 loads up there, and if I need any more space, I have a collapsible floor wire rack, that works in only one spot in my apartment -- right in front of the TV! (Good thing I don't watch much TV.) I used to live in a building that had a clothesline out back . . . sigh . . . but since that was really the only bonus to living there, I'll survive. Thanks for stopping by! I'll check out your blog soon!

Flo @ Yielded Heart said...

Wow, sweet potato and wild rice!
Glad the fried rice worked out for you.

Would you say that French Meadow is a place to go with kids? (I've heard otherwise.) I've read reviews but have never been there.

Catherine Weber said...

Kai, the breakfast and lunch options are tasty, as long as you have somewhat adventurous eaters. They have normal things like pancakes, waffles, tofu scramble, and a gazillion wraps and soups and sandwiches, plus a HUGE bakery case. I've seen plenty of kids in there and they have high chairs, so I think it's as family friendly as any other place. Dinner time is a different story there -- swanky, overpriced, and based on my one trip, not terribly tasty. I'd go there for brunch or lunch any day, though!