Sunday, July 02, 2006

an email to Seventh Generation

Dear Seventh Generation,

I wanted to begin by thanking you for creating overwhelmingly fantastic products! I purchase and use several of your laundry, paper, and cleaning products on a regular basis, and am very impressed with their overall quality. I especially appreciate your company's philosophy, and that your all-natural products work just as well as their "conventional" counterparts!

However, I recently purchased a package of your drawstring kitchen trash bags, and was very disappointed. This product did not live up to my previous experience of your company's quality. The bags leak and rip on a regular basis, requiring me to haul my entire garbage can out to the dumpster, instead of just the bag. (And afterwards, I have to scrub out the garbage can! Yuk.) I have temporarily solved this problem by double-bagging. However, this solution seems wasteful to me, and as a company who does everything possible to avoid waste, I wanted to let you know!

I would be delighted if you were able to significantly improve the quality of your trash bags. I will continue purchasing them because they are the only recycled trash bags in my area, but hope that I will be able to discontinue double-bagging my garbage in the near future!

(insert all of my contact information here!)


Eat Peace Please said...

Right on. I hope to hear what they respond back to you. I have never tried the bags but I do like everything else I've used too. That really sucks that you have to double bag or scrub... one is wasting water, one is wasting plastics. Hmmm...

Thanks for letting us be aware of the bag issue, and especially for contacting 7th Gen. about it. They are a good company overall.

Do you see they have a blog now? It's on my links.

MeloMeals said...

It's good you wrote them.. hopefully they will improve the bags.

KleoPatra said...

Curious if they write you back... hope they will improve this product. I am also a fan of Seventh Generation...