Monday, July 10, 2006


~ My cat has had one stupid moment after another these past couple of days. Last night, he choked himself on the trash can in my bedroom, over and over again, trying to reach something inside. I had to get up at 4 in the morning and dump the contents into the "big trash" in the kitchen, so he'd give up and I could go back to sleep. Then the other day, he burned his tail on the stove -- that was smelly. He also landed on his HEAD while jumping for a toy last night. I must have added stupid pills to his food or something! Maybe the heat is starting to get to him.

~ I am in mega cookbook testing/writing mode right now, (I want to go with the momentum created by my workshop last weekend,) so if I don't get around to your blog as often as I usually do, know that that's why! I may also post less frequently.

~ I took away my email link for a while, because I've been getting weird emails lately. (LOTS of junk, and I pay for my email address -- that shouldn't happen!) If you need to email me, let me know and I'll stick it back on there for a day or two!)

~ I am going to start forcing myself to do yoga EVERY DAY to help with my sore back. Start harassing me. Please. I need lots of people checking up on me until I can make this a habit!

~ I have a recipe for "Chickpea Pot Pie" (uses filo dough -- not a pastry!) that is ready for a tester if anyone is interested! It makes four servings, however -- do you think I should trim it down farther? Or I could change how the "pie" is constructed and make it into little individual-serving "pockets," which could be frozen and saved for later? I'm leaning towards the second option . . . !! (P.S., this recipe is easily veganized.)

~ I had THE BEST pasta (vegan!) at the Good Earth restaurant this past weekend, (it was called "Tuscan Spa Pasta,") and I hope to post a review on Veggin' Out sometime this week. Watch for it!

~ I went to the store "Storables" last weekend, and I finally bought my hip granny shopping cart! I can't wait to try it out -- I might use it later this week to haul a load of laundry to and from work! I also picked up several other odds and ends. I am in love with that store. If Storables and Kitchen Window hooked up, my ultimate shopping experience would be born. (I like to be organized. I'm a nerd. When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do was reorganize my desk. Sheesh.) Kai, thanks for the heads up on the location of granny shopping carts!


EatPeacePlease said...

About your kitty: hopefully it is just the heat and if not, I hope he isn't sick or anything. Sometimes Killian goes through weird fazes too though. I hope he is ok. Keep us updated.

As for the cookbook, it's good that you are in super-mode. Is the pot pie baked? If not, I'll test it, I've had filo in my freezer for a while but nothing to do with it since my oven's out.

About the yoga, maybe we can be hassle-partners. I need to get off my ass and start moving (even a bit) because I am too young to feel how I do. I would love to e-yoga w/ you if you wanted.

Good luck with everything and the busy-ness.

Michelle said...

Awwww.... poor Oliver. :( I would have to agree that it is probably the heat getting to him.

My co-workers are anxiously awaiting the next batch of PB cookies. Jason wanted to know if I had some on me... yes... I carry one in my back pocket at all times.

Jody from VegChic said...

Hey Catherine,

You sounds busy! I love the new kid phrases, they are so cute.

Send me an email with the recipe for the pot pie, I'll be happy to test it.

About the wild blueberries... I went hiking on Sunday and at the top of the mountain were blueberries. I'm still sore today and wish I had picked more while at the top.

Take care...I hope Oliver settles down a bit.


Courtney said...

I'll test the chickpea pot pie--as long as it is vegan! Although, I may not get to it til next week--as you know it is HOT and humid in MN, and this sounds like a recipe that uses the oven? But, I would love to test it...if it looks as good as the others I have tested, I may even be tempted to brave the heat and try it this week!