Friday, July 14, 2006

melon! melon! melon!

Three cheers for the Sprite melon!

If you can get your hands on one of these babies, (or several of these babies,) BUY IT IMMEDIATELY. I had never tried this variety of melon before, and they are incredible. They are itty-bitty, (slightly larger than a mango,) and look like a honeydew on the outside. However, waiting inside is no ordinary melon. White-fleshed, sweet as candy, fruity (obviously -- duh,), and slightly citrus-y. (Hence the "Sprite" name, maybe?" Or just 'cause they are tiny?) Anyhow, I'm so sad I only bought one. I hope the co-op has more this weekend! The perfect melon party for one. ;-)

Speaking of Party of One, I've totally stalled out on cookbook testing this week. Too hot, and too many dirty dishes. I did nail down the measurements for the Green Superhero Smoothie, and also finalized my Zucchini Banana Nut Bread. Oh baby, it's good. (This, coming from a girl who doesn't much care for banana bread.) Anyone care to test? Vegan option, but it does use the oven. (Sorry, Les!)

Beware: randomness coming up:

My kit-cat is totally passed out on my table right now -- all stretched out flat to absorb as much coolness from the hard surface as he can. What a goon. I feel sorry for him -- it must not be fun wearing a fur coat in 90+ degree heat!

My refund came from Seventh Generation today, and the kind lady included an additional sheet of four $1 off coupons! If I had any doubts about Seventh Generation before, they have since been squashed flat. What a wonderful, wonderful company.

I just started reading "The Catcher in the Rye" the other night. I've never read it before, (shocking, I realize,) and I already really, really like it. Thank you, Michelle, for broadening my literary horizons! (I've always wanted to start a book club titled "All the Books I Should Have Read in High School But Never Did," or alternately, "Becoming Well-Read.")

Happy Friday, folks. Enjoy your weekends. If it's helluh hot in your neck of the woods, stay cool.


Dori said...

I have a buncha zucchini right now. I'll test for you this week.

Catherine Weber said...

Thanks, Dori, that's awesome! The recipe's headed your way . . . !!

Anonymous said...

I went thru a time what I was reading all the books I was supposed to read in High School too...Catcher in the Rye was one of them!

Eat Peace Please said...

I should have paid more attention in high school, and my book club should be "All the books you were supposed to read in HS but are reading 10 years later"...

That melon sounds awesome and I like that it's white on the inside. I'll try to go find some. As for Oliver, he must be hot. Killian was born here in AZ but he still sprawls out everywhere too.

funwithyourfood said...

ooh you're reading catcher in the rye? I like that book! Have fun with it


MeloMeals said...

Stay cool! As soon as the weather breaks, I'm sure you'll be back at it.

KleoPatra said...

One of my all-time fave books, CATCHER IN THE RYE!

I'm hotter than you-know-what here in SoCal as well.


Anonymous said...

AHHH! I have the coolest idea for your press kit for your cookbook! Why does inspiration always strike at the oddest times? I am glad that you like "Catcher in the Rye." As a teenager, I recall really being able to get into the angst. It was after all the grunge years. Anyways, off to work I go. Wee.... this should be fun. I am so tired. I feel a case of the sillies coming on. :)

Have a good Sunday! Don't sweat too much.

Catherine Weber said...

Michelle, do tell the marketing idea!

Joe said...

We love the SBB cookbook - if you want any specific examples of recipes we did, please let us know!

I grew up in Minnesota and spent quite a few years living in downtown mpls!

Jody from VegChic said...

Poor cats in the heat. Tommy hates the heat too, which makes no sense for a tropical bird. I give her spray bottle baths which she loves.

That is awesome that you are reading Catcher. It is one of my favs books. I just read it the first time a few years ago when I started reading all the books I "should have" read in high school.

Anothr book I did which is more recent is: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night.