Saturday, July 29, 2006

munchies, soup, tempeh, dip!

Although it's 100 degrees this weekend, I managed to get quite a bit done this morning and afternoon. I walked to the library to return books, to Target to pick up some essentials, and to the Wedge to pick up a few groceries. My granny cart probably saw five miles today! Since it's so blazin' hot, I tried bringing a small cooler with me for cold/frozen stuff, and it worked wonderfully! My ice cream was still frozen when I got home! Here's what I bought:


1 loaf Great Harvest Bread Co. spelt bread

half a pound of Twin Cities blend Peace Coffee (Fair Trade and Organic)
a small bag of sulfured dried apricots

package Tofutti Cuties peanut butter flavor
package vegan 8-grain and sesame waffles
box of strawberry fruit-bar type popsicles
16 ounces Turtle Trails soy ice cream
16 ounces Vanilla Swiss Almond soy ice cream

1 box Kashi Heart to Heart cereal
1 box Post Grape Nuts cereal
6 ounces Bragg's Liquid Aminos
3 quart-boxes of Rice Dream Enriched
small bottle Nantucket Nectars apple juice

1 head organic romaine
2 organic danjou pears
1 organic peach
3 organic, local tomatoes

8 ounce package 3-grain tempeh
16 ounces Vegenaise

And when I returned home, I braved the heat and accomplished a couple of cooking projects:

~ First, I finally sucked it up and tested my roasted red pepper soup for the cookbook. It's very, very tasty, but the roasted red pepper taste is not as strong as I thought it was going to be. I'm going to let it sit in the fridge overnight, and try it again tomorrow -- perhaps I will feel differently then!

~ Then, I made Isa's tempeh bacon from VwaV! This is also quite good. I could not find liquid smoke at the co-op, so I added four dashes of Tobasco and two dashes of ground cumin to the marinade for some added smokiness. I made a killer sandwich on spelt bread with the tempeh, Vegenaise, romaine, tomato, and mashed avocado. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! My first tempeh attempt was a huge success!

~ Last, I retested my pumpkin dip for the cookbook, using slightly different ingredients. It was really runny when I finished blending it, but a trip in the fridge thicked it nicely. I'll have to cut up an apple tonight and test it out!

I am spending the rest of my weekend house-sitting, which is fantastic! Free air conditioning!!!


KleoPatra said...

PB Tofutti Cuties - the BEST prepackaged frozen dessert (and sometimes part of my wholesome breakfast!) ever. YUMMY.

Roasted red pepper soup? YEAH!!! And tempeh bacon... *sigh* Another great thing you made, Catherine. NICE!

Freedom said...

Good work on getting your ice-cream home still frozen! It's cool that you're walking so much - so good for the environment (I'm sure you know that after seeing Inconvenient Truth!)
House sitting is so fun - free air conditioning just sweetens the deal!

vegancore said...

Yay tempeh! I'm glad your first try was a good one. :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you finally tried tempeh! Is your mind full of new ideas for tempeh recipes in the cookbook?

Vicki said...

gotta try that tempeh bacon...

karen said...

I have made that tempeh bacon and it is so good. They sell liquid smoke in the regular grocery store, mine was in the aisle with the bbq sauce.