Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I think I'm addicted to cooking. Why? Well, I have a whole fridge full of yummy, already ready already food, and I decide to make another big mess of the kitchen and make pancakes for dinner. Why? 'Cause I've been thinking about pancakes for days. Time to give in to the craving, methinks. :)

And boy, were they tasty.

P.S. I bought a copy of "Vegan with a Vengeance" today. I also saw "The Devil Wears Prada." (Actually, I bought the cookbook while I was waiting for the movie to start -- it was just sitting there at Borders, waiting for me to take it home!) I also went to Target (again. I forgot things.) I don't think I could have packed more fun into the afternoon if I had planned the whole thing out! Fireworks tonight, then back to work tomorrow, but it's only a three-day work week! Sweet.


Anonymous said...

I'm shocked...you don't already own VwaV!?!?! Are you excited? What will be your first recipe? She has many pancake recipes if that suits your fancy these days..tee hee!

Dreena said...

Catherine, I do the same thing. My fridge can be filled with leftovers and I'm super-exhausted, and yet I'm in the kitchen whipping up something else again!

Anonymous said...

I heart pancakes... I could eat them for every meal...

I think cooking is a better addiction than a lot of other things.... including shoes. I think I found the coolest shoes ever--- little slip on sneakers with--get this-- LLAMAS all over them! It doesn't get much cooler than that.

Catherine Weber said...

Megan, VwaV is the first vegan cookbook I've actually purchased -- my friend Marie gave me a copy of "Vegan Planet" for my birthday, though, so VwaV is my second ever vegan cookbook. I've been happily veganizing recipes from my childhood until very recently!

Dreena, I know! Isn't it silly? I guess I'm glad to have the leftovers on a night like tonight, when I arrive home from work and want to eat dinner IMMEDIATELY. I kind of find cooking relaxing . . . do you?

Michelle, llama sneakers? I must have them! Or you must have them! Sounds like a Happy Birthday to Michelle present to yourself!