Sunday, July 23, 2006

weekend update

Whew! I can't believe it's Sunday afternoon already. This post will be nearly food-free, because I've been ultra-naughty this weekend and have eaten out once on Friday, once on Saturday, and once today! I'll post restaurant reviews on Veggin' Out, though!

Friday night after visiting the Wedge, I watched an Italian film, "The Last Kiss." (Yes, this is being remade by Americans and will come out later this year starring Zach Braff. I'm excited. I love Zach Braff.) The move was very good, but I won't spoil the story line for you if you plan on seeing the American version, because I don't know what/how much they will change. :)

Saturday morning, Ann and I drove out to visit our friend Janelle and her new baby boy, Luke Jeffrey! Janelle looked great and Luke's a super-baby -- he's a good sleeper and very mellow. I held him for about a half an hour and he never fussed at all! (Usually, I have the "screaming effect" on tiny babies -- the, "you're not my mom, give me BAAAAAACK!" effect.) Ann and I stopped at Holy Land for lunch once we got back into town . . . mmmmmmm falafel. I've been craving falafel for months . . . finally!

Saturday evening, I hung out with my friend Dan -- we had tickets to the Tapes 'n Tapes/Plastic Constellations show at First Ave, which did end up selling out. Whoa! Before the show, we went and wandered around the wildflower gardens and bird sanctuary at Theo Wirth Park -- I'd never been there before and it was really, really cool. We saw what appeared to be a groundhog to me, although Dan thought it was a gopher. (I swear gophers are way smaller than this furry creature we spotted.) The only tricky part is that the park closed at "dusk," which is a rather relative term. :) What happens is, when the naturalists decide it's dusk, they lock the gates, which locks everyone inside the park! Then they walk the trails and flush everyone out, and so we headed uphill and had to stand around in the heat, swatting at mosquitoes, while we waited for the naturalists to finish walking the trails and let us out! It seems like a silly process to me. Oh well. Anyhow, the show was mixed -- Tapes 'n Tapes were awesome, but I didn't care for either of the two opening bands. (The rapper was particularly awful.) It was so hot and so crowded at the end of Tapes 'n Tapes, Dan and I took off and completely skipped Plastic Constellations. Oh well -- Tapes 'n Tapes were fully worth the $8 ticket! Their drummer is incredible -- just a baby (I think he's, like, 19,) but unbelievably talented. They were a fun band to watch -- they all jumped around and danced a lot and generally had a good time. We had a great spot and I could see everything, but thank God for earplugs -- we were almost right next to the speaker!

This morning I watched "Rushmore," which I thought was hilarious! Then, Ann and I walked around Lake of the Isles and had lunch at Salsa a la Salsa.

I tried to post my truck on Car Soup this afternoon, but I am having some technical difficulties. I will try again tomorrow, using a different internet browser. (Sometimes, Safari just doesn't like certain websites.)

It's been another very busy, but very fun weekend! I'm enjoying the fact that my job is so much lower stress now I actually have energy to do fun stuff over the weekends! Hooray!

Here's hoping I actually do some cooking this week, and thus return FOOD SNOB to an actual food blog!


KleoPatra said...

Love the fun weekend. You deserve it! You work hard... gotta play hard too, Catherine.

I'm big on Zach Braff as well. LOVE "Garden State."

Catherine said...

I think Garden State is one of my favorite movies ever. Right up there with Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Anonymous said...

Can't get enough of Zach Braff and I thought Garden State was one of the best movies ever (although my hubby would disagree). Sounds like you had a very fun weekend.