Thursday, July 13, 2006

granny cart

So, I tried out my brand-new "granny cart" today! I hauled my dirty clothes to work this morning, and hauled them home clean tonight! It is a great new thing. One less selling the car obstacle! I think it will make walking to the grocery store MUCH more pleasant as well. However, due to the heat, I will have to start bringing a cooler with me, at least until October or so. :) The actual air temperature is supposed to hit 100 degrees on Saturday!


Off to do a wee bit of yoga before I tackle some dishes -- they are so scuzzy, they needed a presoak in a sinkfull of hot, soapy water. (Why spend an hour and a half scrubbing when a half hour soak does the same amount of work?)

It's been WAY too hot to cook lately, and even too hot to eat -- I had a smoothie, banana bread, and ice cream for supper last night. Sad.


Freedom said...

I don't have a 'granny cart' but I do take a mini suitcase on wheels to uni and shops etc - it rules!

Eat Peace Please said...

Those are my kinda dinners (and other meals) lately too. Lots of fruits. I'm used to the heat though, and I kind of like it.

Carrie™ said...

I have a granny cart that I use a lot. Mine is blue! If I'm walking to get groceries, it makes it so much easier.
It's hot up here too. It's not supposed to be this hot in Canada either! With the humidex, it's hovering around 100 today. Who can enjoy summer when it's like this?
And hey - there's nothing wrong with ice cream for supper. :o)

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

it's not supposed to get this hot ANYWHERE! have you seen inconvenient truth?

i scanned down your blog & sounds like your workshop was wonderful ~ congratulations. go with your gut & i think that a photoless cookbook with a corresponding blog dedicated to your cookbook with photos would be a great way to cut costs while having the photos the way you want them available to view. how excititng! :o)

raising_kahne said...

hey! I think a smoothie, banana bread, and ice cream sounds like an awesome supper to me! I havent made banana bread in forever(cant really find a good vegan recipe without the use of a ton of sugar or a butt load of agave. But I really dont want my bread sweet.) I should make some soon! Know any good recipes for it??

raising_kahne said...

Also, I know Im probably the only person who doesnt know what it is, but what exactly is a granny cart and what's it's uses??

Catherine Weber said...

Raising Kahne, I tend to think my recipe for banana bread is pretty good . . . :) . . . it will be in the cookbook. And, a "granny cart" is one of those pull-type carts for hauling groceries and other loads a long distance. They used to be rickety, clumsy, and made of wire mesh, but the "granny cart" technology has since come a long way, and they are now lightweight, made from water-resistant canvas, completely collapsible, and pivot on a dime.

Vicki, I have not seen "An Inconvenient Truth" yet, but I REALLY want to. It's in my Netflix cue. I think I need to move it up to the top. Also, thanks for the comments about the cookbook -- my gut wants photos, but my brain says "no." Since I don't have to make a decision yet, I'm tabling this thought process for awhile. Free up some space in the ol' noggin, ya know.

Carrie, I'm so glad you said, "there's nothing wrong with ice cream for supper," because that's exactly what I had tonight! Stay cool!

Leslie, I still think you're nuts! (At least about the heat.) I'm a melty, whiny fool in the heat -- I sat in the shade today and whimpered while the kids played on the blow-up waterslide. I also drank a lot of water while I was whimpering.

Freedom, awesome about the mini-suitcase! My suitcase is lime-green, ginormous, and brand spankin' new, so I really wanted something devoted solely to grocery and laundry transport. :) I'm so glad I found this little cart!